Seiko watch is a high-quality brand that offers good value for their price tags. Daily watch-wearers prefer this brand due to its impeccable durability. No wonder it is the go-options nowadays. However, not all people like the same style. Some design elements might not fit your personality.

Modders help you get the style that suits your taste while considering the display features. Some may find your preference disharmony to the dial’s design while others suggest a sturdier and more sophisticated upgrade. Whatever your purpose of modding, Seiko collection can undergo fix-me-upper countless times.

In the modding world, Seiko is recognised for its flexibility with a ton of fitting parts available to purchases. It gives you hope to get the watch you desire. Get to know how to do it with this quick guide of basic watch modding for beginners.

Tools Needed for Watch Modding

Watch modding is a delicate process, but it becomes easy if you are prepared for the task. Gather all the equipment from the hardware store. Some are even available at home.

  • Gloves or Finger Cots
  • Case Back Remover
  • Crystal Presser
  • Cleaning Putty
  • Hand Remover
  • Hand Setter
  • Dust Blower
  • Toothpicks
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Gorilla Tape

On top of that, you need a workspace with enough space to contain tiny, loose parts. Get ready, once you have all these tools. Make sure you have steady hands before you begin the journey of watch modding.

2 Basic Ways Of Watch Modding

For beginners, watch modding is quite intimidating and time-consuming. But once you understood how the customization works, you’ll realize how effortless it can be.

Modification of Seiko watch comes in two paths and these are:

Full Overhaul

In the world of watch surgery, the full overhaul is equivalent to plastic surgery. It’s like recreating a timepiece by combining aftermarket parts from other brands or models. Or you may fabricate your own by modifying a unique looking piece. Do it according to preference. You’ll get a mix of elegance and style in your wrist.

Aside from your imagination, finding the right specs you need for full overhaul is a hindrance. But with Seiko, matching parts are available anywhere. Get the work done and showcase your skills in modding without the trouble of looking for parts.

Subtle and Classic

If you’re not into extravagant style, subtle and classic modding is for you. It gives the watch a more laidback effect. A simple change in colors or bezels and crystals could do. Make sure that designs are in harmony. Although changes are minimal, the entire look highlights not only the timepiece but the wearer as well.

Give your outfit a form of uniformity and consonance by altering the watch hands colors.

Step-by-step Watch Modding for Beginners

With the idea in mind, you are ready to be a watch modder. Do it properly without too much trouble. Follow this step-by-step watch modding perfect for beginners.

Step 1. Remove Strap

Gently squeeze the flanges of the stock strap and pull it out from its frame. A screwdriver is helpful in this step.

Step 2. Open Case Back

Carefully open the watch’s case back with a case opener. The real action of modification starts once the movement is exposed.

Step 3. Remove Crown and Stem

Push on the lever gently using the toothpick to easily remove the crown and stem before removing the movement from the casing. Afterward, gently nudge the movement out its casing as well. The toothpick comes in handy in this step.

Step 4. Align and Remove Hands

Before you try and remove the hands, make sure that it all face the same direction. It’s advisable to put it at 12H. Use the hand remover to pull them all out in one fell swoop.

Step 5. Remove Dial

With a flathead screwdriver on hand, lift the stock dial from the plastic bracket.

Step 6. Replace Dial

Position the new dial’s legs with the holes on the plastic bracket. Ensure to fix it firmly.

Step 7. Replace Hands

Put the hands one at a time. Place the hour hand first and hold it down with the tweezers. Follow the minute hand with the same procedure. Make sure to set it at 12H. With the hands firmly and accurately fixed on every hour, apply the second hand.

Step 8. Replace The Crystal

Get the crystal removal tool and gently punch out the stock crystal. Place the new crystal after and apply gentle pressure into the case to level it.

Step 9. Case and Align The Movement

Put the crown and stem back and firmly press the movement into the case. Attach the new strap as preferred. As simple as that, you now have a modded Seiko watch.

There are mod specialists and professional watchmakers to do customization. But why should you ask them when you can start on your own.

Begin the fun and exciting journey of watch modification. Personalize the Seiko timepiece and express yourself freely. With this quick guide of basic watch modding for beginners, you can be part of the customizable world of Seiko modding.

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