These days, chatbots are gaining their popularity fast. People prefer talking to them because chatbots give answers 27/7 and without any delays. According to the latest stats, 40% of customers don’t care who they are communicating with — a human being or a chatbot.

How Chatbots Trick Us

The latest bots are difficult to distinguish from a real person. Chatbots become smarter. There are several strategies that they use to trick consumers.


  • Asking again. If the person doesn’t hear the phrase, it’s necessary to ask to repeat. Chatbots do the same. Also, they add such words as ‘Well’ or ‘Um’ to fill the pauses. As a result, the person is fully involved in the dialog.
  • Becoming supportive. Of course, chatbots ask and answer questions. But they become supportive. These days, chatbots ask about the users’ feelings and emotions. So, customers feel such care.
  • Having a character. Chatbots have various human characteristics. For example, they can be selfish. Such a trick makes us believe that we talk to a real human. The same happens with sarcasm or skepticism. It’s weird, but we’re sure that only people can have a character.
  • Fighting. We tend to think that bots are polite. However, a human-like chatbot can fight for its opinion. As a result, customers believe that there is a real person.


Time moves on; technologies become smarter. Chatbots aren’t an exception. For example, Mitsuku (one of the best chatbots) starts talking about work-related issues every time a person says such words as ‘boss’, ‘job’, and others. 

AI-based chatbots can trick human beings because they can make a decision and analyze human behavior. 

Two Main Types of Chatbots

It’s common to consider two types of chatbots — rule-based and AI chatbots. Let’s find out the difference between them and the peculiarities of each type. 

Rule-Based Chatbots and Their Benefits

These bots tend to be more straightforward in comparison to AI chatbots. However, they still manage a bunch of tasks. 

Rule-based chatbots use ‘if/then’ logic, so they have a ‘conversation map’. Simply saying, there is a list of questions users ask and answers. It’s a perfect variant for answering FAQ.

Advantages of rule-based chatbots:

  • Cheap development;
  • High security;
  • Ability to share media files.

AI Chatbots and Their Benefits

Human-like AI chatbots stand for complex solutions that use machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

As a result, they can understand human behavior and intention. Also, AI chatbots can analyze the question and generate appropriate answers.

Advantages of AI chatbots: 

  • Ability to analyze the users’ questions;
  • They can understand the customers’ intentions and behavior;
  • AI chatbots support several languages;
  • They make decisions and support conversation. 

Rule-based and human-like AI chatbots have a bunch of advantages. It’s common to develop AI bots in the case of complicated solutions. However, their development tends to be time-consuming and quite expensive.

Reasons to Integrate Human-Like AI Chatbot

There are various reasons to start using chatbots on your website. Let’s discuss the most essential.

First of all, users hate waiting. They tend to close the website if they don’t get an answer in a short time. As a result, you lose possible consumers.

Chatbots solve such issues since they are available 24/7. Users get fast feedback, and their trust and loyalty are increasing. Benefits are apparent, satisfied users buy and order more products and services.

Also, chatbots provide a more personalized experience. Human-like bots analyze user behavior and offer more customized offers. Also, the chatbots help make payments, track the delivery status, and more.

The chatbots are useful for user engagement. They were created to empower your business. Bots communicate with customers, asking questions, and solving problems. Also, chatbots can be integrated into various social messengers like Facebook, Slack, Telegram, and others. As a result, users get the demanded information fast. Additionally, you can target a wider audience with such bots.

Push notifications are more effective in comparison to emails. However, users tend to consider notifications unuseful. Human-like AI chatbots can change the situation. They allow creating more personalized offers for push notifications.

To keep up with the latest Android or iOS app development trends, you need to integrate a chatbot to your online service. Oracle claims that 50% of customers expect that the business will be accessible 24/7. However, it can be quite expensive to have human workers 27/4. So, to save money, you can integrate a chatbot.

As you can see, chatbots can be quite profitable for your business. 

How to Create an AI Chatbot: Required Technologies

So, the question arises — how to develop an AI chatbot and not to fail? It’s better to follow five main steps.

Step #1. Find Out Customers Needs

Before starting chatbot development, you need to consider users’ expectations and requirements. In this case, you can single out the necessary features. 

Remember that customers are quite demanding these days. So, you should think about user-friendly and intuitive design. 

Step #2. Pick an Appropriate Platform

QAI chatbots are flexible, so it’s possible to integrate them into various messengers like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, and others.

Also, you can implement chatbots into a website or mobile app. 

You should choose a platform according to your customers’ needs and expectations.

Step #3. Hire Qualified Developers

You need experienced developers to develop custom AI chatbot. Cooperating with such specialists, you can add a lot of cool features and upgrade the solution regularly.

There are three main hiring options in the case of chatbot development — freelancers, in-house teams, and outsourcing companies. Each option has pros and cons. For example, freelance developers have low hourly rates, but it’s challenging to manage them. As for an in-house team, you need to consider a bunch of additional expenses like rent and taxes. 

These days, a lot of companies choose outsourced development. Such vendors offer affordable rates along with high quality if the final product. For example, Eastern Europe is a popular destination for outsourcing. 

To give you a hint, we’ve listed several platforms where you can hire chatbot developers:

Step #4. Figure Out Demanded Technologies

To develop a chatbot, you need to choose an appropriate framework. There are a couple of popular solutions on the market. 


  • Facebook Wit.AI. This tool helps develop text and voice-based chatbots for different messengers. Wit.AI uses machine learning technology to train from humans. It’s possible to use this framework with such programming languages as Ruby, Node.js, and Python.
  • IBM Watson. This framework has a pre-integrated architecture to create custom chatbots. IBM Watson supports a bunch of messagers.
  • Microsoft Bot Framework. This tool allows creating bots that can talk, listen, and communicate with customers. The platform supports Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.


Step #5. Test and Deploy a Chatbot

Before launching your AI chatbot, you need to test it carefully. It allows avoiding a lot of bugs and improves customers’ experience.

You should test various conversations to find bugs. After that, the developers have to fix them.

Developing a human-like AI chatbot is always a time-consuming process. You need to cooperate with qualified developers to achieve better results. Also, you need to consider your customers’ needs and expectations. 

The combination of these factors helps you create a useful AI chatbot. 

Top 3 Human-Like AI Chatbots

To provide you with some inspiration, we’ve decided to discuss chatbot solutions that have already gained their population all over the world. We’ve picked three the most widespread and useful.


ManyChat is a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that helps the e-commerce industry. It has a lot of exciting features. For example, the service can book an appointment, sell an item, or analyze contact details. Additionally, ManyChat can connect to various tools like Google Sheets, HubSpot, Spotify, and others.

Watson Assistant

The company released Watson Assistant in 2016. This powerful chatbot uses Machine Learning to understand human needs.

Watson Assistant understands when it’s required to ask the user for additional information. Also, this chatbot can redirect customers to a human worker in case of misunderstandings.


We’ve already mentioned Mitsuku in this article. It’s a powerful chatbot that can hold a conversation on any topic.

The developers claim that Mitsuku understands the user’s mood. Additionally, the service answers with the users’ language. So, if the customer uses a lot of slang words, the chatbot does the same. 

There are a bunch of cool chatbots these days. They help users choose the product or provide qualified customer support. Also, some bots tend to entertain humans. AI chatbots open new opportunities for businesses. 

To sum up, human-like AI chatbots can empower your business, bring new customers. Of course, the main benefit of integrating bots is 24/7 support. It leads to clients’ satisfaction and trust. 

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