Given the giant strides made in the fields of science and technology, news around both continues to shape our worldview and affect our everyday life.

The History of Science and Tech

Since the beginning of the history of science and technology, these two subjects have always overlapped. Any headway made in science leads to a potential advancement in technology. In the same vein, any new technological advancement can potentially lead to a more specific study, which then makes way for more scientific breakthroughs. This self-propelled cycle has, over the years, made an influence on the advancement of both fields. The dual drive of these two fields makes an impact on the earth as you’re probably aware. The mere possibility of there being any scientific essay, article, study, or theory was made attainable from the combination of years of scientific advancement and new technologies. The progress of the world so far has only been possible due to science and technology. From the production of vehicles through physics to the progression of world health and medicine through biology, science and technology have seemingly proved to be the most prominent driving force in world development.

The Effect of Science and Tech in the 21st Century

With the constant rise and upgrade in world development by sciences and technologies, societies in the 21st-century are almost overshadowed with technology. The word ‘technology’ is a Greek word, and translates as ‘science of craft.’ This definition is what’s being applied by citizens of the 21st-century. Citizens have utilized science in countless specific applications to make life easier, less expensive, increasingly proficient, productive, and fun. This objective has prompted numerous choices of technologies in various areas of life. As you search for ways to use technology to make your life simpler and more productive, you’ll come across different tech reviews in either magazines or online. In daily news, along with the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, there are always pop-ups of new technologies. Likewise, in the world of mobile apps, there are new technologies tailored to promote productivity and pleasure in daily life.

Influence of Science and Tech in the Military

The impact of science and technology in society has also progressed to military strategy and equipment. Any technology that’s used for warfare or in training armed forces personnel is military technology. Even though many techniques go beyond the line of military and civilian technology, certain advancements are only accessible for military use. These exclusive advancements, however, become available for civilian use after its presentation and use by the military. Take robots, for instance. As science and technology advanced in robotics, the military began to use drones. From the use of self-flying drones to those controlled by humans from a secure location, the lives of several pilots have been saved from significant risks. Nowadays, with the frequent use of drone technology, companies have begun to utilize drones for photography and doorstep package delivery.


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