I Hate Computer Science

Computer science is a vast field of study that includes computation algorithms and theories used to develop hardware and software. Any electronic innovation comes from careers in computer science, allowing computer scientists to develop a part that matches their interests and benefits professional objectives. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of this field can help you choose your life as together you want to get into this field or not.

Advantages of being a computer scientist


The most extensive growing technology is the field of computer science which offers advanced specializations. This way, the professionals can have various opportunities for specialized or management positions. The level of growth that this field has requires high responsibility and higher ranges of salary.


The environment for a computer scientist job is a relatively flexible full stop, and one can decide whether they want to work from home or work while they are traveling. As most industries require a computer scientist at any level, you can even decide the industry you want to work in.


Computer jobs have a flexible schedule that allows you to accommodate other activities and commitments to maintain a healthy work-life balance. A flexible schedule enhances productivity and prevents exhaustion. Managing your schedule can give the essence of job satisfaction while privatizing your responsibilities.


Being the most powerful growing technology, the field has a broad scope of innovation. The experts all professionals need to meet consumer demands and requirements regularly. Providing new solutions ultimately leads to new inventions and creative technology.


The need for a computer science professional is in every industry full stop; hence computer science job offers positions in a white range of companies and industries with different services or products, from data processing to computer graphics information management and artificial intelligence. The department can be of manufacturing, finance security, or gaming industries, which is beneficial for those who want computer science but says, “I hate computer programming.” A career in computer science will help you find the position that reflects your interest.


The tasks of computer science can be operated simultaneously. Multitasking the automated processes and the various tests allows you to work efficiently. This will help you to complete your daily operations as well as your work.


One can create automation processes and optimization strategies in computer science to enhance the company’s performance. CS data analysts give you insights into the area of improvement. Optimized work eliminates not some essential tasks and promotes efficiency.


There is a wide range of educational programs available for computer science degrees and certifications to accommodate different types of lifestyles and time commitments. When can I choose from fully online hybrid or side institutes with different attendance requirements and schedules? The length of the program may vary from weeks to years of instruction depending upon the credential a student wants.


Most jobs in computer science use cloud connections, remote devices, and digital communications, which gives you the liberty to work either on-site or remotely. Companies allow their employees to work from partially remote places or fully remote positions, and this elusive date the need to travel or relocate for work.


The field of computer science depends entirely on computing and data, which gives you the result of your performance. The results allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This way, you can develop your skill and work on the areas in which you lag.


A computer science career or a degree allows you to receive high paid salaries. Several well-known companies give their employees salaries that are 50% over the national average, and therefore the salary allotment is very high in this field.


The knowledge of computer science includes learning about cloud and network security. This knowledge will help maintain your privacy and is beneficial when you have confidential and sensitive information to store. You can apply this knowledge as a freelancer for career development or personal use.

Disadvantages of being a computer scientist


Such a field requires analytical skills to detect potential issues and develop solutions. The work depends on accurate data and skills, and one can develop these skills through training, experience, and education.


The job of a computer scientist requires a continuous solution to problems, which can lead to working overtime in the office or giving extra hours if you are working from home. You can learn methods to increase efficiency or divide your work among your team members whenever possible to manage your time.


The cost of a computer science program can be various depending upon the type of program you have enrolled for. Some of the programs are relatively inexpensive; however, if you opt for a program with a specialization, it will cost more effectively. A specialization will give you better potential and a high-paying salary at the entry level for jobs.


The computer scientist has a lot of work that involves measurable results and processes, and these qualities minimize the creativity and freedom that you have in your work. This is why many students say, “I hate computer science culture.” Certain companies allow you to express your creativity within the field of computer science.


Since the field is growing, it requires constant changes and innovations, which becomes a challenge for many. One can maintain their knowledge and improve their skills in the field to produce relevant results by attending development programs, training, or conferences.


You can choose to study computer science for various reasons. However, some employers hire employees with a degree or a certain amount of experience full stop if a company interests you, then check the requirements for that job title of that specific company which will help you choose your program.


The job role of a computer scientist requires you to sit for a prolonged period and look at the monitor. Such a habit can cause back pain, eye strain, and another potential discomfort. This discomfort can be eradicated with proper posture, ergonomic equipment, and blue light filters.


Looking at a monitor and sitting the whole day, you may have significantly less time for physical activity. For those working from home or who frequently work overtime, the chances to exercise within your schedule are minimal. Taking a short walk during your breaks or enrolling in some co-curricular activity will help promote your health.


If you are an independent worker, your communication or socialization will become less with other professionals, and limited interaction will reduce engagement and interest in your work. To remove this obstacle, you can participate in team events or programs, whether it is online or offline.


Apart from computing, software, and hardware work, there can be a lot of maths involved. Data handling and analysis of numbers can be time-consuming but simultaneously ensures that the results are accurate. If you don’t like maths, it is still ok, but students who say “I hate computer programming” should think carefully about whether they want to continue with the subject or not. If you don’t like maths, you can have a specialization involving other aspects like front-end development.


Even when a company has technicians, they often hire or outsource some of their work to a third-party service provider or business. This process often delays the work and requires a lot of communication with various teams. To maintain proper communication and accurate records of work between your team and the external team, you can minimize the issues that arise from outsourcing processes.


A program often requires a series of repetitive tasks like tests and configurations. A worker male lakh interest because these are usually time-consuming and boring, but at the same time, they provide critical performance data. One can develop strategies to automate the process and ensure efficient operations.


The of a computer scientist requires responsibility. There are some work or task that needs to be completed independently responsibility exceeds. In other departments or companies, the teams or departments work together and rely on each other to complete work, automatically dividing the workload and responsibility among the team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What is a computer system?

Ans. The computer system includes the balance and combination of CPU memory and peripheral devices connected to the same operating system.

Q.2. List the components of the computer system.

Ans. The following are the components of a computer system:

  • Memory is primary and secondary.
  • CPU or the central processing unit, including the control and arithmetic logic units.
  • Output and input devices like printer scanner, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Q.3. What is a microprocessor?

Ans. The processor has all the functionality of a central processing unit of a PC and is an integrated circuit.

Q.4. What is a programming language?

Ans. Programming language refers to giving commands or a collection of grammar rules given to a computer to achieve the desired task.

Q.5. What type of people should not be in computer science?

Ans. A subject is not made for anyone and everyone. “I hate computer science culture” is often said by the following type of people.

  • Those who are not interested in maths.
  • Those who are not patient tend to give up fast.
  • Those who cannot sit in front of a computer for a prolonged period.
  • Those who always mug up things.
  • Those who cannot accept failure.

Q.6. Why should I not major in computer science?

Ans. There are several reasons why one should not major in computer science. The most valid reason is the non-availability of jobs; another reason is that this subject can be tedious. Learning the protocols, working with the compiler, proving the theorems, and memorizing the computer engineering concept is more challenging than it seems. It’s never too late to say, “I realized I hate computer science.”

Q.7. What are some of the worst reasons to major in computer science?

Ans. Some of the worst reasons to major in computer science are as follows:

  • Your parents have told you to.
  • You think it will guarantee a job after graduation.
  • Because you are good at playing video games, there is no connection between someone who plays well and his interests or skill in programming.
  • You don’t want to take up anything else that requires lots of social interaction.

You can go to your parents and say, “I realized I hate computer science.”

Q.8. What should I do if I keep failing my exams?

Ans. The first that you should ask yourself is why did you choose to study computer science in the first place. If you have taken up the subject because you loved it, then you should stick around it even if it gets harsh and you feel that you could improve at computer science. And if you have taken the subject for some invalid reason, you should reconsider your area and field. You can only develop good habits after a while. Start building healthy habits that will help you relieve stress. Any co-curricular activity also works well. When you give time to yourself according to your requirement, you will notice that things will change for the good, and you will recover.

Q.9. What do I like about CS?

Ans. There are various things that different people like about CS.

  • Studying CS lets, you peek inside the computer and know how it works.
  • Studying algorithms is as fun as maths; the only difference is that you get to learn how to apply for those programs in real life.
  • In CS, there are many subdivisions, and you can choose according to what you need, what you want, and what your area of interest is.

A person who likes CS will never say, “I don’t like computer programming.”

Q.10. What courses can I take to get a job after dropping out of cs engineering?

Ans. In today’s time, what matters more than a degree is a skill. If you don’t want to do engineering in computer science, if you say that “I don’t like computer programming,” but are still interested in other computer stuff, then you can go for android development, cloud computing, etc. What matters the most is sharpening your skills and making the best out of what you already love.


Those who are not good at computer science are advised to avoid getting a major in this subject. Sometimes, the thing you love may seem complicated, but continue doing what you love, and you will get the job of your dreams.

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