Do you know how email verification works, and how it helps you prevent black spam and discrepancies, to avoid your company getting blacklisted.  If not, then read this guide for information. 

If you have ever worked  as an email marketer, you must know how tough it gets to verify your email addresses and the importance of using lists that are accurate. But do you know what email verification is, its benefits and how email verification works?

Email verification is a process of authenticating emails and identifying email discrepancies before they are caught by Email Service Providers or Internet Service Providers that cause permanent damage to your name and reputation. And it also ensures authentication by blocking spam traps.

How does email verification work and reasons why you should invest in such a service?

Although every verification service has different steps to complete the verification process, here is a general overview of how email verification works and what steps it offers.

Why is it important to identify issues before they are flagged by ISPs or ESPs

Email verification of your email lists help you stay safe, making sure you are not flagged by ISPs or ESPs that cause damage.

It checks your mailing list for spam traps

Email verification helps to block spam traps that might hurt your reputation that result in your becoming blacklisted by ISPs or ESPs.

Verification helps with domain verification

The email verification service provider checks if your domain name is correct or not. For instance, if someone with the email address [email protected] sent you an email, and there is no domain registered under this ID, email verification catches it as a non-valid source and blocks it.

The importance of mailbox validation

Email verification services have some protocols that they employ, for example, SMTP Protocol, which ensures that the mailbox exists and is able to receive emails. However, for that, you need to perform email verification correctly.

Below are some frequently asked questions that you might find useful

1. Why should I verify my email address?

Email verification is an essential step to securing your account, protecting you from phishing links and subsequent malware. It is the best way to get authorized and help recover forgotten passwords and even usernames.

2. How do I verify my email address?

Let’s say that if you make an account on Google, you will receive a passcode via email address to enter it in a verification box. Or, in case you have entered your email address on a Facebook account that you need to verify, follow these steps:

  • Open your email inbox for the email that has a verification code
  • Enter the code in a given verification box
  • Or, you can simply click Verify Your Email to complete the verification   process

3. What if someone else has already verified their email on my account?

If someone else has verified their email address on your account, or maybe you have entered a wrong verification email; go for account recovery. The steps of account recovery are as follows:

  • Enter a phone number that is linked to your account
  • Once entered, you will receive a code through SMS
  • Enter the code on a given box
  • Enter a new password
  • Open your account and change your email address

To learn more about the basics of email verification and its importance, click here 

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