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There is no intelligence in wind energy, atomic energy, water energy, thermal energy, bioenergy, oil and gas energy, etc. But one of nature’s true wonders is that cosmic energy contains intellect. Cosmic Intelligence Meaning carrying knowledge about the cosmos. 

You must remove noise from this data to comprehend it. Therefore, intelligence or comprehension of the cosmos will come from information minus cosmic energy noise. 

In the empty cosmos, cosmic energy is abundant. The cosmic energy level of a newborn infant is almost nil, but as the kid grows, it becomes more active. 

What is Cosmic Universe?

The University of Cosmic Intelligence Wikipedia is an organization whose mission is to develop mankind toward harmony, well-being, sustainability, and plenty by delivering cutting-edge awareness and knowledge. 

This results from the emergence of a new consciousness, the advancement of knowledge, and the development of technology that transcend the bounds of the mind and matter, offering norms of behavior for creating a society that is in touch with its Cosmic Intelligence Meaning and acts with wisdom, peace, and togetherness.

Cosmic University offers a broad and diverse body of knowledge that spans a wide range of topics and disciplines, including science, medicine, physics, spirit, awareness, society, education, economics, art, creativity, and more. This knowledge is based on an optimistic worldview and is beneficial to both the individual and the community as a whole.

The University feels a fundamental mission and calling in imparting its knowledge and approaches. By delivering its distinctive developmental processes, cutting-edge study techniques, and profound knowledge and consciousness to everyone, Cosmic University hopes to widen its sphere of impact in Israel and around the world.

As we do not believe in external tests and grades but rather in individual responsibility and inner change, the University of Cosmic Intelligence does not currently issue any academic degrees and has no plans to do so in the future.

Vibration Cosmic Intelligent

What is meant by the phrase “Cosmic Intelligent Vibration”?

Om, which symbolizes Absolute Reality, or Brahman, in sound vibrations, is referred to as a cosmic intelligent vibration. It is the sound’s vibration that was produced at the beginning of the cosmos.

The humming of energy is said to have existed before creation. The cosmos was formed out of the cosmic intelligence vibration represented by the ever-present Om sound, which then turned into the vibration of creation. Everybody is still surrounded by and contains this vibe.

Cosmic Intelligent Vibration is described on the yoga website

By engaging in yogic activities like meditation and Om chanting, humans may now connect with the cosmic intelligence vibration. Yogis experience the sound vibrations and are overpowered by the tranquility and tranquility of cosmic energy as they chant the mantra Om continuously. 

According to the particular religion, oneness with the cosmos is also referred to as union with the Divine, Absolute Reality, the Higher Self, God, or Brahman. This oneness is achieved via the practice of chanting.

The hum of Tibetan monks, the Amin of Muslims, and the Amen of Christians and Jews, according to Paramahansa Yogananda, are all examples of sound vibrations present in many religious traditions. Between all matter and Spirit, there is a connection through the cosmic intelligent vibration.

Even better, you may employ OM, the universal frequency, to cure your body, mind, and soul. You may experience unlimited healing when you connect with this limitless creative spark. It seems logical that we would all be able to receive divine healing by bringing our particular vibrations in harmony with the Makers because this primordial sound is said to be the material of God, the way the Divine emerges. So, sing OM for five to ten minutes if you’re feeling down.

Workplace Use of Cosmic Intelligence

Objectives Awareness of 

(1) Science and Cosmic Intelligence 

(2) Increasing workplace dexterity and productivity 

(3) Tools for enhancing biomagnetism 

(4) Cultural and social education 

(5) Cosmic Intelligence application at work

Unit 1: Science and cosmic intelligence

From the Stone Age to the Computer Age: The Evolution of Science

1.2 The Positives and Negatives of Scientific Progress

1.3 Cosmic intelligence’s evolution from the Stone Age to the Computer Age

1.4 Cosmic Intelligence in the Workplace: What It Means, How to Re-Engineer Your Inner self for Peak Performance, Special Meditations, and Biomagnetism

Unit 2: Improving Productivity and Dexterity in the Workplace

A meditation on five biological input organs and their functional roles in shaping personality are discussed in section 2.1.

2.2 A reflection on the five main environmental aspects and the solar system’s advantages and how they work together to affect both professional and personal life.

2.3 Endocrine glands and their biological neurological associations, their connection to the universe and cosmic intelligence, and the advantages of meditating on these topics.

2.4 A meditation on eternal happiness has the potential to improve bio-magnetic circulation and has positive effects on both social interaction and the human body.


3.1 Magnetic body, biomagnetism, psychic life-force extension, and mind. 3.2 The production, consumption, and storage of biomagnetism in the human body are based on the five physical transformations of magnetism: pressure, sound, light, taste, and smell.

3.3 Improvement of biomagnetism: guidelines for light gazing and advantages.

3.4 Mirror gazing usage guidelines, advantages, and exemptions for treating ailments.

Unit 4: Cultural and social education unit four

4.1 Fivefold culture: working for one’s success; not harming or murdering others; respecting others’ right to privacy; charity; and a two-fold culture.

4.2 There are five different types of obligations: obligations to oneself, one’s family, one’s relatives, one’s society, and one’s world.

4.3 Effective governance, the value of democracy, citizen participation in choosing the leaders of the government, public administration education, and all-around education.

4.4 Linking of rivers as a result of globalization of food and water

Unit 5: Cosmic Intelligence in the Workplace 5.1 Human cosmic elevation process: Individual, group, organizational, and societal degrees of cosmic intelligence.

5.2 Transactional and transformative models of corporate cosmic leadership – traits of a corporate cosmic leader

5.3 Living according to the precepts of wise people – literature – yukthi – perception via thought – experience – lifestyles of wise people – notions from Vethathirium.

5.4 Reverence for Nature, Corporate and Civic veterans, Cause and Effect system, Birth, Growth, and Dissolution, ephemeral and its influence on the human body and mind.

7 Techniques for Using Cosmic Intelligence and Intuition

All of these expressions of the same experience, using intuition, including listening to your gut, connecting with your “vibes,” connecting with your Higher Self, developing your sixth sense, and connecting with cosmic intelligence. The capacity for intuition is the unconsciously rational acquisition of information. 

Your innate capacity for intuition. It is a natural aspect of being human; a system of inborn guidance that may protect you from danger, lead you to the truth in every circumstance, guide you to your ultimate benefit, and advance the development of your awareness.

How can you more readily access your intuition now that you know what it is and where it originates from? The actions that follow might serve as a guide for developing your intuition. You get a little bit closer to awakening and believing in that calm voice inside with each step you take. 

Although the stages are listed in a linear order, feel free to concentrate on them in any order because mastering any one of them will assist reinforce the others as you progress toward increased intuitive awareness.

1. Keep Your True Self in Mind

This is the primary starting point for intuitive development. You will block the intuitive signals attempting to get through as long as you think of yourself as a lone speck, a little flesh-encapsulated ego cut off from the rest of the world in a chaotic and mindless cosmos. You need to take ownership of your identity as a distinct and potent awareness focal point within the network of all consciousness. Consider using Indra’s Net as a metaphor to help you re-establish contact with your true self.

2. Set your mind to receiving intuitive guidance.

A naive need for direction is unlikely to elicit a response from your intuition. Instead, before to beginning your meditation, make a specific objective and write it down someplace you can see it often. To rewire your mind to access intuitive information, use affirmations that are upbeat and direct. You can argue, for instance, that you are open and sensitive to the cosmic truth that comes to you through your intuition.

3. Shut Your Mind Off

A disorganized mind is unable to recognize intuitive advice. Listening to music on a radio station with a lot of static while trying to pick up intuitive signals is similar to that. You only hear fragments of the song. Because meditation clears the signal and makes the mind open to receiving the message, it may be the most crucial of the seven stages of intuition. To create room for intuitive messages to emerge, commit to a regular meditation practice utilizing either the So-Hum Meditation method or Primordial Sound Meditation.

4. Ask an inquiry

Create and release a query or problem that you’re looking for an answer to from a calm mind. Is this the finest choice I can make? Is one instance. What do I need to understand about this friendship, employment, or business deal? Release the query as if you were sending an email by pressing “send.” The message has been sent to the global cosmic database for resolution, so be aware of it.

5. Spread Your Awareness and Reach Out

Release your query and then send your awareness out into the world like a soap bubble that keeps spreading. Think of this bubble of consciousness as encompassing everything, including your house, neighborhood, state, nation, planet, Milky Way galaxy, and beyond. Feel the cosmos as part of your awareness. As you silently recite the sutra Tat Tvam Asi to yourself, feel all that was, is, or will be inside you.

6. Pay attention to your body and feelings.

Feel the environment around you by imagining yourself reaching out into the room or area you are in and taking in all the noises, sights, and feelings it has to offer. Then, make an effort to sense the presence of others as well as their feelings, ideas, or energy. Knowing that your body serves as an antenna for intuitive impulses, practice studying your feelings to develop your delicate senses. Those signals will enter your consciousness more readily the more receptive you become.

7. Believe the Message

Tune into any bodily sensations you become aware of, including twinges, a tiny warmth in your chest or stomach, or the tiniest hint of emotion. Does the experience seem pleasant or just a little bit uneasy? Your subtle body only knows two words: delicious and yuck, as co-founder of the Chopra Center Dr. David Simon has said. Move forward if it feels nice; if not, turn around. 

Believe in the message in a similar vein, believe your intuition if it offers you a solution to a dilemma or issue you’ve been trying to solve. Recognize that you are connected to the cosmic mind, which possesses a comprehensive knowledge base that transcends simple cause-and-effect reasoning.

You may be certain that the information you’re tapping into is accurate if you’ve used the preceding procedures in practice. That’s not to imply you should disregard common sense or your logical mind; if anything seems odd or harmful, it is a good idea to examine it through your intellectual filters. 

The intellect will naturally regard intuitive counsel as unusual or questionable owing to its limits, but keep in mind that intuition draws knowledge from a source far larger than your reasoning brains can imagine. When the mind rebels, it requires a lot of confidence and faith to follow intuitive advice.


After a human is born, the University of Cosmic Intelligence interacts with karmic energy that is housed inside our subconscious minds and causes those energies to manifest as our current behaviors. Therefore, the outcomes of our actions depend only on our prior karma. We can improve our lives by using cosmic intelligence as a tool to make them healthier, more comfortable, and more pleasant. Get as much cosmic energy as you can through practicing Vastu, meditation, prayer, and sleep.

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