Aomei back upper is a software program developed by AOMEI technology. It is a windows program used for creating a backup. It has been designed by ensuring the safety of your data and your windows and your hosting server. The aomei back upper is deployed for windows operating system and does not support any other operating system like macOS, iPhones, iPad, or Android devices. Many critical features come with backup log, backup scheduling, compression, continuous backup features, encryptions for system and servers, incremental backup enabling feature, remote server option, and secure data storage. 

There are some features which are not present, such as local server option and multiple system support. It also lacks in web access and restoration techniques. Instead, the software is straightforward to use and easy and restoration. This software is very reliable. It is very compatible and capable and also the technical support is excellent on which can rely. 

Key features which explain the need to buy Aomei backupper professional key

  • This software comes with a clean interface, and it offers a clone partitioning disk and allows you to restore modules.
  • It deletes the old backup file on its own while creating the new record.
  • There are lots of backing up process that is customizations are offered that how much one wants to back up the data. It is said that it provides the incremental, differential, and full backup facility in scientific names. 
  • It offers automatic compressing of the large files to save up space. 
  • There has a feature of dynamic disk allocation and GPT disk with multiple boot modes.
  • This software is only designed for Windows systems; therefore, it supports a wide range of windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, the latest one.

It is licensed software, and there are lots of pirated versions available online, but the drawback it keeps your privacy on the line and pirated software can not give you all the features listed above. They can only provide ten percent of the elements for the following licensed version. Therefore one should always use aomei backupper professional key to use the licensed software. It is a paid software, but it comes in the affordable range, and with the features listed, it is a great deal one should go for. 

There are multiple storage devices supported by aomei backupper such as IDE SATA, SCSI disk, various SSD, and USB external hard drives. There are lots of removable flash drives. Network-Attached storage is also supported and shared network devices. RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 are the hardware devices that are supported by the licensed version.

Backupper is available in lots of versions. You can find the one which fits in your current version of windows. It has the best technical support working 24/7, where you can ask and resolve your issues. The security patch updates are also given on time, enhancing your system’s security and ease out your work process. You can also set the timers and reminders on which it will start the backing up process on its own, so you never worry about the files.

The server edition program is available to ensure the safety of your business running online, and recovery is fast to there is less risk of losing the data. When going to buy the software, there is a trial version available which you can download and use and check the functionality and useability, and then you can opt for the licensed version. 


It is always recommended to buy the licensed version, which comes with the professional key. Once you enroll the dedicated key, your period will start for which you have paid, and at that time, you can benefit yourself with the features given with the software. You can put on renewable auto features where it will renew automatically without interrupting your work.

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