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Many investors want to invest in the markets of other countries but to do this you have to be aware of different factors like that market’s closing and opening times. Even if you are not planning to invest in world markets, following the different trends and updates can be very beneficial for an investor. 

To get a good idea about all major stock markets around the globe you will have to follow world indices live updateBy following the latest happenings and by breaking down the market hours you will be able to get enough information that would allow you to make informed decisions and trade in those markets. 

International trading is more common than you imagine and a lot of traders do it regularly.

North American Stock Markets and their timing

The NYSE or New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are the two most popular stock markets in North America. Following these markets can present a ton of opportunities and major trade options. 

Besides these two there is also the Canada stock exchange which is known as Toronto Stock Exchange and the Mexican Stock exchange. All of these markets with the exception of Mexican market open at 9.30 AM and close at 4 PM. These markets also have standard local holidays on which they remain closed. 

While there are also South American stock markets, the NYSE and Nasdaq are considered most important by international traders. As an investor, you should follow these two markets closely and also get frequent updates on different trends in these markets.

European and Asian stock markets and their timing

All the countries in Europe have their own stock market but among them the London Stock exchange is most important and should be flowed closely by budding traders. The London stock exchange opens at 8 AM local time or 3 AM USA or 8 AN UTC time. 

Same with Asian stock exchanges, each country has its own stock exchange and they open typically between 8 to 9.30 AM local time. The Shanghai Stock exchange and Hong Kong Stock exchange is closely monitored by world traders. Both of them open at 9.30 Am local time and 1.30 AM UTC time.

International Trading Tips

If you want to invest in international markets then you will have to open a global account on any major online stockbroker. If you are starting your trade-in international market then it is a good idea to start by purchasing international mutual fund shares or even exchange-traded funds. 

These purchases will allow you to make substantial overseas investments. You can also purchase shares of companies in your country that have a large global presence. By buying shares of global multinational companies you open up a lot of opportunities for investing in the global market. 

But no matter which market you invest in, without proper information and updates you are unlikely to make profits. There are brokers and traders who can provide you with relevant information. You can also check Wall Street Invests website to get regular world indices live update.

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