If we rewind to the 1950s, no one would imagine that “glamorous” cigarettes would be replaced with smokeless electric devices. Despite this, vape manufacturers, such as Dispergo Vaping, have seen their success skyrocket in recent years. This is because vapes established themselves as the healthier alternative to cigarettes. Such success didn’t come easy, though, with smokers being set in their ways and a number of individuals questioning the legitimacy of vapes. After much struggle, vapes were able to stand the test of time, and a significant number of people have made the switch from smoking to vaping.

In the future, the vaping industry is only set to expand even further, but what exactly does the future of vaping look like?

The Vaping Industry Will Continue to Expand

First things first, we can say with some certainty that the vaping industry is only set to expand with time. If we look at previous years, only 1.7% of the population in 2012 vaped; however, 2022 saw 8.3% of the population become vapers. This means that last year, there were almost five times as many vapers as there were 10 years prior. The vast majority of vapers are ex-smokers, as vaping is now seen as the healthier alternative, and as we find more and more about vaping, it’s almost certain that the industry will continue its expansion.

The Facts About Smoking Will be Unavoidable

Not only will the facts about vaping become less ambiguous, but those about smoking will, too. Smoking has been around long enough for us to know that both the short- and long-term effects are detrimental to our health. This isn’t just for people who smoke directly; second-hand smoke can also be very damaging to a person’s health. In the short term, we know that smoking is quick to get people addicted to nicotine, and the symptoms of withdrawal can be difficult to deal with. In the long term, smoking is a leading cause of life-threatening diseases.

Public Perceptions Will Change

Public perceptions about smoking have already changed drastically since the 1950s, as it was once considered fashionable. Today, we understand the risks of smoking, meaning the glamour that was once attached to tobacco has disappeared. As we become more informed about the effects of smoking, we’re likely to see this same pattern. Already, tobacco companies aren’t permitted to advertise their products, and some countries even remove the branding from packaging. Tobacco is only set to become more demonized as we move further into the future, and as many as 80% of young people already claim that smoking isn’t cool.

Filtered Cigarettes May Become More Popular

In response to the rise in lung cancer cases, tobacco companies introduced filtered cigarettes, which are said to prevent users from inhaling dangerous particles. Despite this, there has been some skepticism about these products. A number of people don’t understand how these filters can make tobacco smoke healthier to consume. Despite this, if smokers aren’t quite ready to make the move to vaping, they may use filtered cigarettes as a buffer.

Smoking May Become a Thing of the Past

Last but certainly not least, smoking may well become a thing of the past. This isn’t exactly surprizing, considering technology is taking over in almost every industry. What’s more, fewer and fewer people are taking up smoking as a habit. As a result, we’re likely to see ex-smokers become vapers and see the newest generation avoiding any form of smoking or vaping altogether. This is, of course, the end goal, and thanks to vaping, this goal seems to be in sight.

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