Is a leather bracelet really the hippy accessory of 20 somethings hanging out on the beaches of Greece and Thailand on their year outs? Or can they be adopted by professional sand adapted to complement even the most sophisticated of outfits?

In our opinion, both scenarios fit the bill – and everything in between too. It is not a question of where you wear the bracelet, but how you wear it. To this end, we have set out the perfect guide to perfectly wearing a designer leather bracelet for the perfect look. Following these simple guidelines, and you will soon be known as a trailblazer among your peers.

Is the fit correct?

Despite the preponderance of street fashion that seems to think that oversized or undersized clothes are the bee’s knees, the truth is that they tend to look messy. The same can be said of your leather bracelet. Too tight and it squeezes your wrist and leaves a red weal. Too loose and it’ll sit uncomfortably under your clothes or ride up and down your forearm.

Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears – you want it not too big, and not too small, but just right. Bear also in mind the fact that the leather will loosen slightly over time.

Think about complementary designs and colours

Not all leather bracelets are the same, and you may want to consider building up a collection to match different outfits (or buy different outfits to match your bracelets). You can also stack them – but we’ll talk about this a little further on in this article.

While black and brown tend to be the common colours, you can also incorporate different colours and textures to give your look an elevated look and feel.

Pair with Complementary Accessories

Be very careful when it comes to choosing accessories to set off your leather bracelets – sometimes less is more, and while stacking is a really good way to elevate your look, wearing too much jewellery can be akin to wearing denim with denim!

Context and contrast

Sometimes the contrast of bling and leather can work extremely well. For example, if you are attending a black tie event which requires dressing up to the nines, balancing out the look with a stack of leather bracelets could actually elevate the look into something that is truly unique and personal. It can add that touch of elegance without overpowering your outfit. In more casual settings, you can experiment with bolder designs, colours, or layering multiple bracelets to create a more relaxed and trendy look. Adapting your bracelet choice to the occasion will ensure that you maintain an appropriate and fashionable appearance.

Experiment with Layering and Stacking

We have already talked about this extensively in this article, but layering and stacking is a really personal and innovative way for you to build individual style and exclusivity. Think Johnny Depp and his love of stacking. It will truly set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

You don’t have to stack leather on leather – instead experiment with other bracelets made from different materials, such as metal, beads, or fabric.

Look after your bracelets

You’re making an investment every time you by a piece of jewellery – whether it is leather, gold or any other material. So make sure that you look after them. If well looked after, they will last you for life.

For leather, keep the bracelets dry and avoid exposing them to excessive moisture. Occasionally apply a small amount of a leather care product with a soft dry cloth and gently work it into the leather to keep it smooth and supple.

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