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Aren’t you bored out of using the same regular shirts? If yes, then this is a high time to switch for the new arrival shirts. Here side you can check out some of the best styling tips for the luxury men shirt. It would suit you perfectly if you make out some of the best reference for its fit, fabric and more. You might find the process overwhelming but check this blog further to ease it. 

1. Fit 

It is very important to style a shirt that fits you good. You need to choose the fit for shirt according to your body type. It mainly includes the body type as follows: 

  1. significant bellied 
  2. slight bellied 
  3. athletic 
  4. heighted 

You can check the size of shirt starting from the shoulders. Also, you can choose the fit for the shirt between relaxed, structured and slim fit or more. Mostly men move with slim fit to look more attractive. A structured fit is a bit looser than slim fit. On other hand, relaxed fit shirts are totally loose providing the space for movement. 

You can indeed choose to style all of these and make comparison for which suits the best. 

2. Sleeves and cuff 

Design with men’s shirt ranges from long or short sleeves. Although, you can find many of the different variety cuff style for long sleeved shirts. You can find following types of the cuffs:

  1. French cuff 
  2. Neapolitian cuff 
  3. double button cuff 
  4. single button cuff 

In recent times, cuff with French style is considered as most preferable option to give a formal look. The buttoned cuff gives a more relaxed appearance. Therefore, you need to select the cuff style based on the occasion to attend. 

3. Collar 

The collar plays a most significant role in the shirts for men. The right choose of the collar can help you to elevate entire look. Here are some of the most common styles available with collar: 

  1. club collar 
  2. concealed 
  3. polo 
  4. hipster rounded 
  5. hipster 
  6. bandhgala 
  7. madmen 
  8. prince Charlie 
  9. spread collar 

In modern times, people generally prefer to choose the spread collar style. Also, you can move with the prince Charlie style to experiment a traditional look. 

4. Color 

Of course, the color of the shirt influences much on the overall outfit. You should select the colors of the new arrival shirts according to your skin tone. For this, you may need to apply the color theory.

For example, people with fair skin should choose colors in dark tone to contrast their skin tone. It can help you to get a more vibrant look. Simply you can add combination of dark and light colors in the outfit. Also, don’t forget to consider the occasion while choosing for the colors. But always you can vibe out any occasion with classic choices of white and blue shirts. Even sometimes light colors like pink, yellow can suit well for business attire people. 

You can find many of the options for the colors depending upon the events. It would land with you in multiple as well as neutral colors. Now it depends totally upon your choice to vibe out the outfit. 

5. Fabric 

The fabric of the outfit also decides the look with giving you a feel. The luxury men shirts at are made with high quality materials. Therefore, you can ensure the long last and prove worth for your investment. 

The fabrics with cotton shirt are mostly made from the Egyptian cotton. It is considered as the best fabric among all cotton materials available. 

Are you looking for something breathable and lightweight material for the shirt’s fabric? If yes, then you should move with the linen materials. Why don’t you choose the silk fabric for the shirts? Yes, it might prove a bit tough to care but flaunts great in the party. 

There are different types of weaves available according to the fabric of shirt. It includes some options as follows: 

  1. houndstooth 
  2. satin 
  3. flannel
  4. dobby 
  5. twill 
  6. oxford 
  7. corduroy 

A person to whom durability of a material matters should indeed select the double ply fabrics. These are prepared from the twisting out two different threads to make one. Hence, it can result to give a sturdier fabric as compared to others. A single ply gives a bit breathable fabric options. Therefore, you can considered those options for summer vacations. 

7. Button 

Some of the people might not consider it and overlook upon such details. But yes, even buttons can elevate your shirt’s appearance. All of these can add a durability and comfort while wearing a shirt. 

8. Back plate style 

Style is not only limited for the front looks but back too. Hence, a different types of pleat on the back of shirt also matters when come to appearance. There are following type of pleat: 

  1. side pleats 
  2. box pleats 
  3. darts 
  4. deep darts 
  5. bottom cuts 

Your stylish shirt design is just a decision to click away. You can consider all such details mentioned in a shirt and set to rock the event.

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