Latest Celebrity News Today: Paul Sorvino of 'Goodfellas' Dies at 83

latest celebrity news today is Whenever Paul Sorvino appears in one’s mind, he often presents himself with his iconic role of Paulie Cicero in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas. Stand at an out-of-the-ordinary 6 feet 4 tall, he  person to  type cast as a person who is always on the wrong side of the law, a menace. 

Occasionally also acting in softer roles such as Juliet’s father in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo Juliet, has sadly passed away at an age of 83.

He died at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida and reportedly died of natural causes. that is the latest celebrity news today.

Describing himself and his career in an interview in 2014, Sorvino said, “Most people think I’m either a gangster or a cop or something, but the reality is I’m a sculptor, a painter, a best-selling author, many, many things—a poet, an opera singer, but none of them is gangster, but, you know, obviously I sort of having a knack for playing these things.

 It’s almost my later goal in life to disabuse people of the notion that I’m a slow-moving, heavy-lidded thug, and most people’s impression of me IS that—because of the success of Goodfellas and a few other things, but they forget that I was also Dr Kissinger in Nixon, the deaf lawyer in Dummy, and they forget a lot of things that I’ve done. It would be nice to have my legacy more than that of just a tough guy.”

The latest celebrity news today is the Paul make his Broadway debut in the 1964 musical Bajour after 18 years of vocal train. 6 years later he debuted in the first movie, Carl Reiner’s Where’s Poppa? He later acted in critically acclaimed and appreciated movies like The Panic in the needle park, and That championship season.

He is  known for his work in the academy award-win movie A Touch of Class and his notable works are Paul Cicero in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas and Henry Kissinger in Oliver Stone’s Nixon. 

Iconic Actor Paul Sorvino 

Paul Sorvino has three kids namely Mira, Micheal and Amanda from his first marriage with Lorraine Davis.

Mira Sorvino is herself an Oscar-winning actress and in her award acceptance speech, she dedicated the award to her father saying, “When you give me this award. You honour my father, Paul Sorvino, who has taught me everything I know about acting.” 

Remember him his wife Dee Dee Sorvino tweet on 26 July 2022 say “Our hearts are broken, there never be another Paul Sorvino, he love of my life and one of the great performer to ever grace the screen and stage.”Indeed Paul Sorvino man who left his mark on everyone with remarkably magnificent acting skills. 

Whilst playing a threatening mob member to a cordial good rumour guy, he was the guy who was in everyone’s memory for his versatile acting skills. 

Mira Sorvino also took it to Twitter to pay tribute to her father, she wrote, “My heart is rent asunder — a life of love and joy and wisdom with him is over. He was the most wonderful father. I love him so much. I’m sending you to love in the stars Dad as you ascend,”

In a 1992 conversation with Charlie Rose, Sorvino say “If you  someone, who would it be?” He response, “Paul Sorvino. Good heaven, why  I want  anyone else?” Paul by himself has contributed immensely to the Hollywood film industry. He was a man of character with an unreliable performance on the big screen that left our minds thinking. Paul Sorvino  always graciously recall for his chilling roles. 

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