Slot games outnumber all other gambling games and this is mostly down to the huge numbers of slots that are continually being developed by slots creators. The slots industry is huge and there are slots design houses spread across the globe. Some have become so successful that they now dominate the industry and have enough game ammo to release new slots on a monthly basis. They can even afford to pay for the rights to hit TV shows and blockbuster movie franchises. 

When you consider just how successful the modern slot industry has now become, you would be hard pressed to believe that the first slot was a physical mechanical machine with only 3-reels and five different symbols filled these reels. This machine was introduced in the 19th century and developments in slots were slow until the digital revolution of the 1990s. Read on the understand more about the history of Blackjack.

Traditional Gambling Games 

Another reason why slots outnumber traditional gambling games at online casinos is that slots give the house the biggest edge over any other games, yet punters continue to prefer them to games like Blackjack that has the smallest house edge. Casinos make most of their profits from slots and actually prefer punters playing slots to Blackjack. 

The History Of Blackjack 

Blackjack is thought to have its origins in France. In the 1700s Blackjack was known as Vingt-eh-Un, which means 21. Spain had its own variation of the game but you had to get to 31 in three cards. The French version ruled and 21 crossed over to the United States. After an American gambling ban, gambling games were legal once again in Nevada in 1931. 21 proved popular at casinos and this game eventually became known as Blackjack. Blackjack has made a successful transition from land-based casinos to online casinos and this move has helped introduce further variations on the game. Despite this, Blackjack, like so many other traditional gambling games, finds itself playing second fiddle to slots. 

Slots VS Blackjack 

Slots have dominated gambling and online casinos for some considerable time and since these games are huge revenue creators for the industry, due to the house edge they create, the gambling industry will continue to encourage us to play slots first. Punters continue to take the bait even though Blackjack offers them a better chance of winning. Punters seem to put the entertainment value of slots ahead of winning. Or they prefer to win and be entertained at the same time. Slots are also current because they can be based on what is currently hot in popular culture, such as superheroes. Unlike Blackjack, slots have numerous bonus rounds and random special features that spice things up even further. Blackjack does not boast any special features and can quickly become quite a stale gambling experience. 

Final Thoughts 

Gamblers enjoy fast paced games that are packed with variety and this is why punters prefer online slots to Blackjack. Slots also give punters a thrill and bonus rounds only add to this.

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