Placing bets is one of the major steps in playing online slots. After you make your bet, you can decide to play manually or use the Autoplay feature if it is available in the game.

Generally, betting on a slot game is not in any way difficult, but sometimes new slot players may find it somewhat complicated – visit wizardslots. Nevertheless, it takes a few seconds or minutes to understand. We will describe the process briefly.

Steps to betting on slots

Immediately after the game is opened, you’ll most likely see the reels, background, the betting panel, and other controls. The steps to follow are very easy. It is usually the same process in most slots, except in very rare cases.

Here are the general steps below

1. Choose your coin size/denomination.

The number and types of coin sizes differ from game to game. A game could have just 5 coin sizes while another could have up to thirty. It all depends on how the developer programs the game.

So, the first step will be to choose the coin size. For example, a slot could have coin sizes like 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.50, and 1.00. You can choose anyone you want.

2. Select the number of coins

After choosing your coin size, you also have to choose how many you want to bet. Let’s assume you select 0.02 from the list of coin sizes. Then you choose to place 10 coins. This will mean that you are betting 0.02 x 10 = 0.2.

The number of coins is also called the bet level. You may not find it in all slots as only a few developers use bet levels. If it is not available, you can skip to the next step.

3. Activate/Deactivate paylines

Slots come with paylines through which symbols in the game match to give winnings. You have to bet on these paylines during the betting process. Many slots allow you to choose from the number of paylines available. For example, if you play a slot with 20 paylines, you can choose to activate only 10.

Your bet will be multiplied by the number of paylines you activate. In our previous example, our bet per line is 0.2. So, the total bet will be 0.2 multiplied by the 10 activated paylines. In this case, the total bet is 2. However, some slots have fixed paylines that you cannot deactivate.

What next after betting?

As you can see from the explanation above, the betting process in slots is very easy. Once you’re through with betting, you can proceed to spin by clicking the “Spin” or “Play” button.

After every round, you have the opportunity to adjust your bet or continue with the previous setting. Some slots also have an “AutoPlay” or AutoSpin” feature. This allows you to set several automatic spins and sit and watch the game in action.

Does your betting size affect your chances of winning?

Slots are random games; thus, your bet amount does not increase or decrease your chances of winning. However, it can affect the amount you win. Generally, when you bet high on a spin, you have the opportunity to make bigger wins.

For example, if the payout for a winning match is x20, you will win £40 if you bet £2 on that round. But if you bet £25 in the same round, you will get £500.

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