Apple have just hosted their latest event to show off the new iPhone 12 to once again bolster their new flagship range, one of the biggest features shown. However, is the introduction of 5G networking to their devices and largely closing the circle on modern devices now offering the next step in networking – there’s still progress to be made as the access points for the connection may take a little time to catch up to the usability of the devices.

One of the biggest questions being asked however is just what impact could 5G have and how big could it really be? Well the early signs from those who have been able to get a connection in the more heavily trafficked and faster to upgrade areas have already sung praises, the biggest change for many has been the increase in speed which at its theoretical max could be up to ten times faster than what’s currently available, but another big change has been to the capacity that the network can hold and it is also the hope of many that once it is more widely available, areas in which speeds would slow down or drop off or areas of spotty connectivity will start to clear up and run much smoother.

The biggest market this will impact will likely be the growing gaming market on our mobile devices, the past few months have shown how popular many different genres have become in particular as those who may have otherwise not been willing or interested have since taken up a variety of different gaming interests – despite more authority being granted to certain initiatives and regulation many of  these genres such as Max Casinos and 우리카지노 list of online betting and gambling sites are amongst those that have seen a surge of new players, but also amongst those who may see the most benefit from the change to 5G as more opportunities for online play are granted.

The next step for many may be to see what technologies become available from the introduction here too, many are looking to platforms such as virtual reality to be able to make its way to the consumer at more affordable rates and with greater ease as the connectivity that the platform relies upon becomes stronger.

As mentioned, not everyone will get instant access to the network – whilst many networks are hard at work updating their existing infrastructure to get everyone onboard it often isn’t as simple as simply flicking a switch, other factors such as the network operators have recently came under question too as countries such as the UK have blocked giants such as Huawei from operating the network under privacy concerns.

If you’d like to benefit from the network however, be sure that within the next few months you pick yourself up a 5G capable device which many of the big manufacturers will offer, and where possible stay up to date on any infrastructure news as the switch over could come much sooner than you think!

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