Some online slot gamers at Wizard Slots are sticklers to their single classic slot which they swear brings them heaps of cash every time they play on it, whereas others prefer to free roam around the internet looking for the next big win on a completely new game.

Those who like to travel the depths of the online slot gaming world will know the urge to find the latest and hottest trick that will bring them all the big bucks, and so it is important to follow when your favourite slot developers’ and sites’ are about to drop a new game.

All this can be super easy for somebody who has been in the game for a while, but those small fry who are just beginning their slot gaming career will want to know how many slot games are created each month.

Is it easy to count the new slot games that are made each month?

The acceleration of the evolution of the internet, and in particular online slots, can get a little hectic sometimes. So, just for you, we have outlined a couple of facts that assess how many new slots are created and how frequently.

(Keep in mind that because it is so hard to track, the numbers can be a little iffy and are often an educated estimation):

  • There are roughly 500 new slot games, on average, being released each month. This number varies, obviously, from month to month and the developers of the games range from being mainstream to independent.
  • Numbers like these mean that you are never far from trying out a new monthly game each day… giving you more opportunities to score big on smaller games all the time!
  • Since the late 90s, when online slot gaming became a serious business, there have been thousands of new games made each month that are constantly updated. So, if you want to try your hand at a classic game because you are bored of the trends that the new ones create then you are never far from winning the old way!
  • With new slot games being released monthly, the technologies have been getting increasingly more advanced and the games more bespoke, meaning that a high roller like you will always be in the running for a win from a hot new way of playing!

How do you find where the new games are?

It can be hard to follow where the new games are because of the sheer volume of how many are being released from mainstream and independent developers alike.

So, to put the cash back in your pocket, we have listed the easiest ways that you can follow the releases of the much sought after monthly slot games:

  1. Slot sites – Check out your favourite site because they will usually have a section (or promote) the new monthly games!
  2. Developers – Do you prefer NetEnt or Microgaming, or perhaps you even dabble with independent developing companies(!), well in that case you had better take a look at their websites and newsletters because they are gagging to tell you about their newest games!
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