Karan Oberoi is one of the most stylish male models from our country. He is known among many because of his style and fit body.

He is the face of many established brands such as Royal Enfield motorcycles, Reebok sportswear, and many other stylish and fitness brands. Karan “KO” Oberoi has always been quite selective when it comes to brands when it comes to modeling. All the brands he has worked so far are listed. Today Karan Oberoi model is a big brand of his own and has turned out to be a popular style and fitness icon in our country.

The majority of young men in our country are big fans of his style and physique. In this article I shall be sharing some of his fitness and style secrets that I got to know while following him on social media and reading a few articles on him:

Karan Oberoi aka KO style secrets:
1. Karan Oberoi model cuts his hair after every 15 days and uses wet gel or wax to give a clean neat look. So if you want freshness on your face like him you need to use wet hair gel and also make sure you cut your hair on time.

Karan Oberoi aka KO playing with bat (1)
2. Karan Oberoi ‘KO’ loves wearing casual t-shirts and jeans, also he also thinks the best casual do calls for a well-fitted T-shirt on the physique and jeans! He loves Superdry and diesel brand t-shirts.

Karan Oberoi (KO) (1)
3. He also makes sure not to wear too-tight jeans, jeans fashion keeps on changing so he makes sure to wear neither loose nor tight, it should be well fitted that suits your personality.

Karan Oberoi (KO) (1)
4. His tees are usually in blues, blacks, and whites and while some call it boring, He calls it being ‘classic’.

Karan Oberoi aka KO fitness secrets:
1. You can run like KO, 3 days a week to have a ripped body like him
2. At the time of photoshoots he goes on low carbs, sugar-free, less salt diet, which he doesn’t suggest people, so make sure you live a balanced lifestyle.
3. Karan Oberoi KO images emphasize not to drink alcohol and smoking r as these things hamper the stamina while you are exercising in the gym
4. Workout 2 body parts a day with a minimum of 3 exercises per body part and 12 to 15 reps.

Karan Oberoi KO jpg file
5. Karan Oberoi (KO) pictures also emphasize on enjoying the process, so it’s important that you keep your cheat days on once in a week and living the rest of the week full in the discipline.

Indian model Karan Oberoi aka K.O. YouTube hit fitness videos are:
Karan Oberoi workout trailer: Must watch

Karan Oberoi (How to get a body like Karan Oberoi):

are you Ready for Karan Oberoi ?

Karan Oberoi (KO) body stats and age:
Weight: 83 kg (167 lbs)
Model Karan Oberoi KO: Height: 6’0″
Chest: 44 inches
Biceps: 16 inches
Waist: 32 inches
Karan Oberoi KO age : 32

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