People usually wish to try out different types of hair colors. It is just because they are too much bored of a particular hair type. Especially women wish to flaunt their hair style among the crowd either among their colleagues or friends and relatives. But, the chemical rich hair colors are not at all accepted by most of the population. Indus Valley is one of the well known online shopping sites where you can get different types of hair colors.


Top 10 organic hair colors in the market

  1. Indus Valley Organically Natural hair colour ( black 1.00)

This is the gel hair colour available in the market which is also ammonia free in nature. It will give a natural shine to your hair with the perfect coverage of the gray hair. It is also free from different types of toxic chemicals and thus has no side effects. It is composed with different herbs which provide a naturally healthy effect on your hair.

  1. Indus Valley 100% organic botanical soft black set of 4 one touch pack hair colour

This is the botanical hair colour right from the factor of Indus Valley which can give you dazzling black hair. This is the safest and the natural hair colour which can colour all the hair which is chemically damaged. The 8 important herbs such as Amla, Henna, Fenugreek, colourless henna, Indigo, Chamomile as well as Brahmi is used.

  1. Indus Valley Organically natural gel dark brown 3.0 hair color ( dark brown)

This is the organic hair dye available in the market that contains certified organic ingredient. Those are orange oil, Amla, Aloe Vera, etc. the organic hair color has the herbal ingredients that provide proper nourishment to your hair protects it and moisturises the hair.

  1. Indus Valley organically natural gel copper Mahogany 5.40 triple pack

This is one of the herb based hair color that comes in combination with several herbs such as Amla, Aloe-Vera, honey, Jojoba oil. This not only provides great color to your hair but also prevent the hair loss as well as dandruff. The herb based hair color from Indus Valley not only provides color to your hair but also make your hair soft and pretty.

  1. Indus Valley permanent herbal hair color ( dark brown)

This is one of the organic hair colors provided by Indus Valley online seller that provide rich natural hair color with a perfect dark brown colouring. This is the product that you have got with a perfect combination of modern science and ayurveda. Also, it will help you to get hair colouring on a permanent basis.  The best part is that, it does not require several applications. You can now color your hair permanently just with a single application.

A wide range of hair colors are going to come in the market now. If you are looking for much more update on the organic hair color, Indus Valley is the destination for you today. Check out the best one online today in the official website.

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