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‘Ice Cold’ Steve Austin has been born november 18, 1964, as Steven James Anderson, the younger son of 5 children, in Vic, Texas. Alice Jane (Harrison), his mother, married twice to Ken Thomas, and he adopted his stepdad’s middle name. He was a football player at North Howard University. Cos of his footballing ability in school, he was deserving of a free higher education. As a rookie, Williams began training at Chris Adams’ wrestlers school close to the end of 1988 and managed to make his women’s wrestling debut just at end of 1989. He then decided to move on to slight wrestling businesses to grapple for money before joining WCW as ‘Dazzling Steve Austin.’

He didn’t make a big name about himself in the corporation because he only had two TV titles. In Dec. 1995, Anderson was fired by Wooden tongue and ended up joining the WWF (now known as WWE). Austin left every now and then to join ECW, but he only stayed for a few weeks before returning to the Ufc as ‘Cold Blooded Steve Austin.’ Austin then abandoned his old completing move, the ‘Millions Of dollars Dream,’ which was the signature look of ‘Millions Of dollars Guy’ Ted Dibiase, and began winning with his Coldblooded Stunner.

Austin then went on an unbeaten run that lasted until 1996, when he was crowned King Of Both the Ring. Allen cut his head open in one of his games and had to have it sewn up around between. In the KOTR grand final, he defeated Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts with a Stone Cold Stunner and coined the phrase ‘Austin 3:16.’ By 1997, Anthony’s career had reached new levels. WCW realized.

Austin was did order to protect the IC title again after successfully defending it against Bumpy Maivia (now recognised as That of the Rock, real identity Dwayne Johnson) on an Uncooked taping even though he decided to drive his pick – up truck to the circle and supplied a Hottie to D’Lo Brown (‘A.C. Conner’) just on roof, which Eddie Murphy saw as available weapons. Murphy crowned Bumpy Maivia as the current superstar after Austin refused to enforce this same title again and decided to dump the old girdle in a river.

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However, Austin stated that he was uninterested in that title and instead set his sights on the Middleweight Champions league. Even though Austin managed to win the 1997 Aristocratic Rumble to meet the criteria as the Number One Contender for the champion’s league at Wwe XIII, he didn’t get the spot because he was excluded but the refs didn’t even notice, so Allen fought Bret Henderson in a Spiderman match, which Hart managed to win when Allen did pass out through blood loss while stuck in a Gunfighter. Austin, on the other hand, won the 1998 Royal Rumble by defeating Rocky Maivia.

For the big show at Royal rumble XIV (Austin vs. Shawn Michaels), a proviso was managed to make: Iron Tyson is the special guest ref! Austin had formed a friendly relationship with Taylor, but Thomas had deceived him once he merged DX! Tyson, on the other hand, stunned the world once Austin hit Meyer with a Cold Blooded Hottie as well as covered him whilst also Tyson made the count to win his first heavyweight championship! Austin then held the title for three months before losing it to Lukaku (Glenn Jacobs) with first Blood game on June 28, 1998, at Lord Of The Ring.

Austin reclaimed the headline the next day and was expected to fight for it in a tourney at the 1998 Rescuer Series. He was beaten by Mankind (‘Mick Foley,’ and The Stone won the title and ended up joining the Corporate entity following night.

When the year 1999 arrived, Austin was mired in a tiff with The Rock after Vince Murphy removed him from of the Battle Royal while The Rock was distracted. Despite this, Austin was able to secure a spot in the big show of WrestleMania XV, where he defeated The Rock with a Cold Blooded Stunner. In a Boiler Room Brawl at Backlash 1999, he defended his title against The Stone. Austin lost the championship to The Mortician (‘Mark Callaway’), but reclaimed it in July 1999. Later that same year, at the 1999 Rescuer Sequence, Austin was struck by a car and required back surgery, which kept him out of activity for the next eleven months.

When 1999 showed up, Austin was embroiled in a feud with The Stone after Vince Murphy booted him out of the Royal Rumble while The Stone was sidetracked. Notwithstanding the this, Austin made it to the main event of WrestleMania XV, in which he vanquished The Rock with such a Stone Cold Stunner. He defended his title against By the Stone in a Backroom Brawl at Pushback 1999.

Steve Austin was defeated by The Funeral director (‘Mark Callaway’) in the title bout, but recaptured it in July 1999. Later in the same year, at the 1999 Rescue worker Series, Austin was hit by a car, necessitating multiple surgeries that managed to keep him out of commission for the next 11 months.

Biography of Steve Austin

Real name Steve Austin
Birth date December 181964
Age 58
Birth place  Austin, Texas, USA
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Religion Christian
Sun sign Libra

Physical Stastics of Steve Austin

Height 6’2” inches
Weight 210 lbs
Shoe size 9 US
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Body type Slim

Qualification and Education of Steve Austin

School Not known
College Not known

Family of Steve Austin

Father Not known
Mother Not known
Sister Not known
Brother Not known

Relationship Status of Steve Austin

Maritial status Married
Wife Unknown
Children Not known

Personal Life of Steve Austin

Austin did, however, come back to the rap scene at Backlash 2000, when he assisted The Rock in winning his fourth World wildlife National title from Triple H (‘Michael Paul LeVesque’). Austin returned to wrestling in October 2000 at No Mercy, where he faced Rikishi (‘Solofa Fatu’) in a No Retains Barred fit that had to be told to stop once Austin was just about to run Karatekas over but was detained by police. The mystery has been solved when it was disclosed that Karatekas was the one who ran Martin over, and Austin defeated Triple H at Rescuer Series 2000.

At Armaggedon 2000, Steve had an opportunity to win the World wildlife title from Kurt Angle, who was defending champion at the time, in a 6 Hell In A Cell Game that also featured Kurt Angle, The Rock, Triple H, Karatekas, and The Mortician. Austin had the headline in his grips when he strikes The Stone with a Stone Cold Hottie, but Tilt crept up behind Austin and encased him to hold the title.

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Austin’s hopes were raised once more when he defeated Kane in the 2001 Royal Rumble, to become the very first 3 Battle Royal winner, as well as the WWF Champion’s league Number One Potential candidate. Austin lost a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls match to Quintuple H at No Way Out 2001, since they both managed to knock others out, but Quadruple H collapsed on top of Houston. Later that evening, The Rock beaten Kurt Angle and became the first six-time WWF Gold Medalist, deciding that Rock vs. Rock Chilly Dave Austin is the main show at Royal rumble X7.

Austin defeated The Stone for his fifth World wildlife title on April 1, 2001, but turned toe when he teamed up with Eddie McMahon. For nearly four months, The Stone was postponed from the WWF. Austin’s ascendancy as Title holder lasted five months and 22 days, making it the longest across several decades. Austin and Triple H won the Tag Team Championships at Pushback 2001, and yet they lost people again on May 21, during a RAW taping, to Chris Jerusalem and Chris Benoit. Quintuple H tore his triceps muscle in that very same game and had to go to the clinic for 8 months of surgical procedure.

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