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Hugh Laurie was born on June 11, 1959, in Oxford, England, to Patricia (Laidlaw) and William Khaldun Mundell “Ran” Lucy, both of European descent. He received his education at Eton and Oxford. He rowed again for Britain youth team (1977) and for Cambridge University.

He is the brother of an Olympic champion in the sport (1980). He met Melissa Thomas in 1978 at Cambridge when they both merged “Performing arts,” as well as Emma presented him to Stephen Fry in 1980. 

Hugh Lauire is a married man who resides in Los Angeles. His girlfriend and three children, who given set in London, will relocate to L.a. to live with god. In addition to having to act and dramedy, he is the author of the finest thriller The Gun Seller. A sequel, titled This same Paper Serviceman, is on the way. 

At Selwyn Campus, Cambridge University, he earned a Third-Class Hons degree in sociology and archaeological.

When he got the role on Residence (2004), he bought some all Triumph Bonneville motorbike, a replica of the 1960s British system, in Los Angeles, but he’s always been an avid motorcycle rider, even in England. He enjoys the confidentiality provided by the motorbike helmet.

In Oxford, England, I started attending the Dragon School, a famous British “public” advanced placement school. Actress Emma Stone and tennis player Tim Actively contributes were also present. 

Originally, Douglas Adams, writer of The Hitchhiker’s to the Galaxy (2005), would want him to perform Arthur Small crack in the movie version. Before Adams’ early demise, a deal was kind of in place to cast Hugh as Dent, with Jim Carrey as Zaphod and Jason Roach directing.

Received the National Junior Rowers National title (coxed pair) (1977). In the same year, he and his rowers partner depicted England in the 2015 World Rowers Champions league, finishing fourth. 

While continuing to work on House (2004), he lives in a West Wing apartment rental, but goes flying home to England to be with his relatives then he’ll have a break in filming. He has stated that if the second episode is as effective as the first, he will relocate his entire family to Usa to be with him.

In two films, Peter’s Mates (1992) and Feeling and Sensibility (1994), he played the hubby exact reverse Imelda Staunton’s character (1995).

Both his dad, William ́t Mundell Curtis, and mother, Patricia (Laidlaw), have been of Scottish ancestry. 

Is the sixth and middle child of four children. Charles (who works as a lawyer/shepherd in Scottish), Susan Wohl (who cofounded the Save the Childhood Staten Island, NY Pro bono Episode and was a participant of Save the Children’s Governing board), and Janet are his siblings.

In 1948, his dad won an Olympic champion for pairs in London. Hugh had a wonderful career as a paddler, because he had to give that up while at Cambridge due to rheumatic fever (mononucleosis). His brother was a boatswain as well.

He started singing and played piano, guitar, timpani, harp, and woodwind, among other instruments. 

At the 1980 Henley Royal Regatta, he decided to enter the Silver Goblets and Nicklass Cup with Eton rowers partner J.S. Palmer, to become the only British workers to make the final. They came in second, trailing the heavily favoured American crew.

In Batman Begins, he played Perry White for the first time (2006). The prominence of his tv series House (2004), on the other hand, caused scheduling conflicts. After that, Frank Langella was cast.

I tried out for the position of Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf (1988). Norman Lovett, Lee Cornes, Alfred Moreno, Robin Williams, and Craig Woodward were among those who auditioned for the position. Chris Barrie was cast in the role. 

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In his final year at Eton College, he was a commander (senior prefect). He was also a “wet bob” – a representative of Eton’s renowned rowing team – and did play drumming for the uni’s orchestra.

His father gave him his first motorbike when he was 16 years old as a birthday present. He bought his first instrument, a Shimano, the same year.

Despite the fact how his first name is Thomas, he has never been addressed as such. Calum, his third pseudonym, is an abbreviation for ‘Mael Calum,’ which equates from Gaidhlig (Scots Germanic) to Scottish and English as ‘Malcolm.’ (The Gaeilge or Irish Germanic form is ‘Maol Colm,’ or simply ‘Colm’.) Robert Alexander Lyon Mundell Curtis is his friend’s full name. 

Biography of Hugh Laurie

Real Name  Hugh Laurie 
Birth Date  June 11, 1959 
Age  56 
Birth Place  Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK 
Nationality  American 
Profession  Doctor 
Religion  Christian 
Sun sign  Libra 

  Physical Statistics of Hugh Laurie 

Height  5’11” inches 
Weight  68 kg 
Shoe size  9 US 
Hair color  Black 
Eye color  Brown 
Body type  Balanced 

Qualification and Education of Hugh Laurie 

School  Not known 
College  Not known 

Family of Hugh Laurie

Father  Not known 
Mother  Not known 
Sister  Not known 
Brother  Not known 

Relationship Status of Hugh Laurie

Marital status  Married 
Wife  Unknown 
Children  Not known 

Personal Life of Hugh Laurie

He began diving. Is a huge Clint Company can successfully and Steve McQueen fan. Throughout his undergrad days, he was a participant of Bristol Footlights, serving as an author and lead actor for 2 years (1978-1980) and as head of state during his final year (1980-1981). Emma Thomas served as vice president.

Is a participant of the Leander Team, one of the india’s leading rowing clubs. His father used to be the team’s president.

His son, William Laurie, tried out for a role in a Hogwarts film but was turned down because he was too youthful. 

Rebecca Laurie, his sister, played Emma Thompson’s five-year-old character in the 2001 movie Wit.

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Greg Grunberg of Champions (2006), Alias (2001), and Happiness (1998), James Denton of Needy Homemakers (2004), Bob Vibrational of The Bachelor (2002), Jesse Sutton of House (2004), as well as other special guests play keypad in the celebs band “Pop group From TV.”

With Helen John, Shade Adejumo, Kate Mcleod, Melissa Elton (wife of Ben Elton), Ken Bowley, Gary Gangadeen, Jonathan Thirkell, and Phil Miller, he plays keyboard inside the band “Poor White Blastbeats.” 

Stephen Fry is the godson to three of his children.

Is a well-known author. “The Gun Seller,” his debut novel, was published in 1996. A sequel, “The Paper Soldier” (UK title: “Paper Soldiers”), is on the way.

In the 2007 Queen’s Fresh Year’s Honour Roll, he was granted the OBE (Officer of the Order of a British Empire) for his solutions to drama.

House (2004) co-star Richard Sean Leonard is a close friend. George Wallace’s wonderful. Bryan Vocalist was oblivious that Curtis was British when he cast him as Gregory House in Residence (2004). 

He lived in a house in England with Christopher Fry in the 1980s. They required some plastering. The plasterboard started to turn out to have been Paul Deep state and Charlie Higson, who were motivated to try their hand at comedy by Fry and Laurie.

Stephen Fry, Laurie’s longstanding best friend, served as best man at her wedding to Joanne Hue (1989).

On a British talkshow, he stated that he dislikes performing plays; he asserted that the only game he’d ever performed (Gasping, by Ben Elton), he “started to feel like [he] was heading out of [his] psyche,” and but he had out of sleep paralysis on stage. He also asserted that he wouldn’t do it again. 

Is a huge Fulham Liverpool Football supporter (English soccer club). Elizabeth Hurley, Lily Allen, Kevin Costner, Hugh Give, Benicio Tarantino, Daniel Radcliffe, Andrew Higgins, and the late Mike Jackson are among her admirers.

Laurie is by far the most started to watch lead actor on television, according to the Guinness World record (2012), due to Building’s global viewer numbers (2004). Laurie is also the top t.v actor, reportedly earning $400,000 per incident as Dr. House (2011). He was one of tv’s top actors, going to earn $409,000 per incident of House (2004).

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