Top Skills Required To Become a Big Data Developer

For many years, we have been listening to the word Bug Data. Today the king of the IT world is Big Data, which will rule the world even after the next few years. 

Big Data Consulting Company is responsible for the development of Hadoop applications. Through big data, any problem can be solved according to the requirement. 

Big data can manage the complete Hadoop lifecycle, such as platform selection, testing, designing, requirement analysis, and designing architecture. 

The role and responsibility of a Big Data Developer are very hard as it has to manage many things such as high-speed queries, maintain security, maintain privacy, provide best practices, and many more.

Skills Required to Become a Big Data Developer include:

Structure Query Language:

  • Structure Query Language is the data needed to structure, manage and process the data stored in a database.
  • While working in big data technology, gaining the knowledge of Structure Query Language has become essential to solving any problem.
  • Also, SQL is the base of the bug data era, so SQL is added as an advantage to programmers.

Programming Language:

To become a successful Big Data Developer, one needs to have reasonable control in coding. Also, you need to have complete knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and one programming language.

Various programming languages include python, java, javascript, kotlin, PHP, R, and many others. For any beginner, they should go with python as it will be easy for them to learn, and also, it is a statistical language.

Business Knowledge:

Working a Big Data Consulting Company, one of the most necessary skills one should have is knowledge of the domain where he is working. 

One should have the business knowledge to analyze any data or develop any application to make the development and analyses successful.

Creativity and hurdle-solving:

  • Working in a domain, one should have a creative mind and problem-solving ability so they can solve the problem quickly. 
  • Implementing big data techniques for different efficient solutions requires both qualities in a professional person. 
  • With a creative mind, one can easily find the solution to any problem coming into the domain with the help of a Big Data Developer. 

Data Mining:

Data Mining plays an important role when we talk about storing, extracting, and processing data on a large amount. 

Working with Big Data Consulting Company, you need to know data mining tools like IBM SPSS Modeler, KNIME, Weka, Rapid Miner, Oracle Data Mining, Apache, and many more.

Hadoop- based technology:

To be a successful Big Data Developer, one needs to learn Hadoop as it is the first step. Hadoop is not a single term, as it is a whole ecosystem. 

The Hadoop ecosystem has several tools with different purposes. If one wants to boost their career as Big Data Developer to have a master of these big data tools is essential. 

The Big Data Tools which you need to master are as follows:

  • Map Reduce:

Map Reduce is the heart of the Hadoop Framework as it is a parallel framework that allows several data to process parallel across a bunch of cheap hardware.

  • Flume:

Flume can be known as dependable. It is used for importing vast amounts of streaming data such as log data and events from distinctive web serves to Hadoop.

  • Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN):

Yet Another Resource Negotiator is for handling considerable resources amongst applications running in the Hadoop bunch. 

Hadoop bunch performs the responsibility of resource allocation and job scheduling. YARN makes Hadoop more reliable and flexible.

  • Hadoop Distributed File System:

Hadoop Distributed File System can be known as storage in Hadoop. All the data across a bunch of community hardware is stored in HDFS. 

One should have complete knowledge of Hadoop HDFS as it is one of the essential factors of the Hadoop Framework.

  • Sqoop:

Sqoop can be a big data tool for importing and exporting data from national databases such as MySQL and Oracle to Hadoop. 

With the help of a scoop, one can quickly transfer their important file to their storage database.


We hope that Big Data Consulting Company helps one find the right skills needed to develop in yourself to become a successful Big Data Developer. 

A successful Big Data Developer needs to figure out the tools and skills needed to identify herself. 

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