The real estate field is a competitive space to be in. Regardless of whether you are a new entrant or an existing one, marketing your business effectively is crucial to make your business top of mind for both buyers and sellers. 

However, how do you make sure word of your business is still reaching the right audience with rising marketing costs? We’ve got your back with a few cost-effective strategies for you to try and reach potential clients via different channels. 

Your marketing efforts need to be focused on making information about your business easy to access, and more importantly, convince customers to hire you. Before making a decision to hire you, buyers and sellers will be looking for reviews and information about your business – this is where your marketing strategy comes in. 

Read on for our 5 top budget-friendly tips to expand your real estate business’s marketing plan:

1. Build networks in your locality 

As a real estate firm, brand awareness plays a big role in attracting clients. When making decisions about real estate, people look for credible recommendations from people they trust, making networking within your community all the more crucial!

Find different ways to connect with your community and generate referrals. Reach out to local businesses and community groups in your area to provide valuable services to their clientele. You can do this by customizing real estate flyer templates and preparing other promotional material for local businesses and centers to share ahead with their visitors.

You can also offer to conduct information sessions about real estate trends or provide free home valuation services to those who attend. This can help you build relations with potential clients and gain their trust. 

2. Build a robust online presence 

You may already have a website and social media pages for your real-estate business, however, are they optimized to make your services easily searchable? Your online presence will be an important source of information for potential clients – this includes your listings, services, charges, reviews, and more. 

Think of your social media pages as a way to deliver bite-sized content to supplement your main services. You can use your social media profiles to establish yourself as an expert in the field by sharing tips, local real estate insights, and more!

3. Host open houses 

Do what real estate professionals do best – host open houses! Open houses are another way to spread your networking net wide, promote your listings and meet potential clients. Make sure your open house is well-organized and your listing is presented in its best light. 

Open houses are also a great way to establish more personal connections with people in your local community, which go a long way in generating positive word of mouth. Share brochures and your contact information at every open house for people to take home.

4. Invest in online advertising

Online advertising is a relatively inexpensive channel to advertise your business and expand your reach. Experiment with Google Ads and Facebook Ads to target your information to the right audience by adding filters for your chosen demographic and interests. 

The best part about online advertising is that you can track your results, analyze what’s working for you and implement any changes for future campaigns. 

5. Launch email campaigns 

Email marketing is a great way to remain top of mind for your clients and a low-cost marketing venture for you to try. Email campaigns work best to slowly feed content to your audience over a set duration, ensuring that your audience gets relevant reminders about your services. 

You can do this in several ways. Encourage people to sign up for a real estate newsletter on your website, or through your social media content. You can also run email campaigns on topics such as information on new listings, best industry practices, expert insights when planning to buy/sell property. Make sure you segment your email list according to relevant groups who would be interested in specific topics to target for your email content. 

Most importantly, it’s important for your email to be visually appealing and clearly organized. Design your email following your brands colors and place your information in a way that is easy to read with clear instructions on how your readers can avail your services. 

There are several online email marketing platforms available like PosterMyWall where you can choose from ready-made real estate email templates, customize with your information, and publish your emails in a few clicks! 

Let’s get started

Promoting your real estate business does not have to be an expensive venture, especially with our tips listed above. By implementing a few of these cost-effective strategies, your promotional efforts are sure to go a long way in generating leads and referrals. 

Marketing is all about adapting your strategy to current customer needs; make sure to monitor how your marketing efforts perform and implement any changes accordingly to keep up with changing marketing trends. Best of luck!

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