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Management is a combination of art and science. This is not the case with project management. Project management is a science to understand better. Let’s explore what this entails. As on a PRINCE2 Weekend course London evening.

We start with how the PMI selects the project managers to participate in the membership. The PMI has been working with the IDEA of the best PM practices to market the membership and was followed in 5 years with the PMI Certification. The biggest hurdle is “understanding” PMP.

For years, the PMI has been analyzing, determining, and promoting best practices, as well as standards, to support and measure performance and help project managers to become more successful. The intentions are to facilitate the best practices to result in greater project success and deliver a higher ROI for society. However, I believe that productivity cannot be gained if the PMI makes project managers less effective.

At this time in the history of PM, and no one is taking this one forward. PMI is a place where project managers and their management teams plan and control a project; they determine scope, objectives, and time-frames. They also must be able to deliver and serve the organization at every stage of the project. That means that project managers need “effective leading and managing behavior”. They need a leadership style that suits their style and makes them usable to the organization.

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Project management skills are interpersonal skills; because project managers spend a large part of their day communicating with all sorts of people – clients, team members, their own management and administrative staff, union and regulatory leaders. These skills mean that the best project managers learn how to motivate colleagues, negotiate, communicate, and resolve problems or conflict. They also need to be skilled in communication within project and organizational policies and procedures, as well as they must have a proven ability to deliver projects on time, within budget, and within all quality requirements.

Project management skills are team skills; the best project managers chart the best possible teams to maximize the potential for the maximum benefit of the entire organization. They are excellent in the area of the team effectiveness, goal clarification, team building, organizing, the development of performance measures, team member training, and the management of environmental factors that adversely affect team performance.

Project management skills are technical skills; the best project managers do their best to stay current in technology, to become technically skilled and to stay up to date with new technology. And, they take the time to become proficient in the use of the technology they will be utilizing. The good project managers focus on the needs of the organization and their individual projects and stay current within the organization; they focus on issues that affect the organization and help the organization to solve problems. This includes the use of governance to manage the organizations big picture.

Project management skills are professional career skills; project managers need to be committed, determined, strong, and goals oriented. They must be able to generate and implement maximum performance from their team and the group in general. They need to determine team goals, meet important deadlines, resolve issues, and make sure they deliver projects to their team and the organization.

One surprising thing is that those people who are most committed to projects tend to get the most accomplished, and those who are least committed usually get poor results. Defining membership in terms of skills and dedication, “s partake in the mission of resolving problems, being technically competent, strong, and productive” become a better point of membership than ” passing on our ideas for project management or developing plans for the next project, or attending the PMI certification proceedings”.

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Those who are less than committed do not see the importance of maintaining their particular resource, which is reflected in their lack of projects to implement. All we need to do is look to sports to see the effect of scenery Facts: Coaches are obtained from communities, which requires strong and whole range of skills needed for being a good coach. These skills might include the ability to perform complex sports, the ability to draw on current thinking, to evaluate and apply to community issues, and to have a broad insight into the dynamics of an entire team or community.

Project management skills involve understanding the inputs into the organization and realizing that how you arrange project management to deliver the project deliverables (time, cost, risk, quality, etc.) are not cloned from other organization’s projects, but that they are unique to your project. The question of project delivery success is not one of the capabilities, but is what skills and dedication is required to successfully complete the project in the terms agreed upon by the sponsor (management or the project sponsor).

Project management skills must be systematically developed for better project outcomes. The result of good project management is to benefit the sponsor, the team, the organization and the clients.

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