It is hard to imagine a world after covid, especially when returning to our everyday working environments. However, things are moving in the right direction, which means that you can look forward to some kind of normal over the next few years.

But, what will work like for most of us when we go back to work? Let’s take a look at what may happen, particularly when it comes to refreshments.

Refreshments in the workplace

It is essential to allow your staff to have access to refreshments whilst they are at work. This could be drinks or foods, depending on what is best for your staff. Many workplaces provide their staff with a small kitchen, in which they can make their own drinks. However, during the return to work, people are likely to be encouraged to minimise the amount they are in confined spaces together, as this can keep the risk of a covid outbreak occurring in your workplace.

Another option is to provide a managed vending solution. Office coffee machines are a popular choice for many workplaces. Not only does it allow your staff members to access some of their favourite drinks with ease, but it also means that you are not going to need to worry about having a separate area for them to make drinks.

In a post covid world, coffee vending machines become even more helpful. They allow for a more automated approach to providing your staff with refreshments. There is no need to employ staff members to serve drinks, and the machine will do it all for you. Plus, seeing as machines have definitely improved over time, the quality of drinks they can provide has also improved hugely over time, which means that your staff can still enjoy a delicious drink.

You may worry that taking out a coffee machine lease can be expensive; however, this is not the case. They are not only offered at a price that will work for your business, but they can be flexible too. This means that you can change or cancel things as you need or upgrade them if your vending machines work well within your business.

What about the rest of the way that we will work?

We have already had a look at how refreshments in the workplace may change, but what about workplaces as a whole?

One of the most obvious things that you are likely to see is that many people will want to stay working remotely. This means that the actual premises are going to feel emptier than they usually do. This may mean that more and more businesses decide to sell up their current premises in the long-term and instead take on smaller places that are cheaper to run.

As well as this, many of the things that we do in our workplace will now need to be automated, where they can be. This means that many business owners will need to think about how they can change their processes and make things more automated in their approach.

Another thing that you are going to need to keep in mind is that many staff members will be looking for new careers or will feel ready to switch their jobs and do other things. This means that once things are much closer to normal, staff turnover and recruitment may increase.

It will also be hugely important for workplaces to think about how their staff feel and the level of support that they offer to their staff when it comes to their mental health. Things have been incredibly tough, and over the next year or so, things are not going to get any easier, it seems. This means that we will need to think about staff wellbeing and how business owners and managers can ensure that their staff feel supported when things are feeling tougher than ever.

Of course, a huge changing point for many businesses will be around hygiene and cleanliness within their workplace. Staff will be much more aware of how things should be, from hand sanitising, to how often their desks and workplace equipment are cleaned. This means that leases for things such as PPE and cleaners will become critical considerations for any business owners to think about.

Above everything else, when it comes to working in a post covid world, we need to make sure that we move things along at the best pace for your business. Not only this, but things should move at a rate that suits your staff.

You don’t want anyone to feel that they are being pushed into coming back too quickly or that they will be in trouble if they don’t come back. Instead, everyone should feel safe in their working environment.

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