VPN app is the need of every internet user. So, how to decide which VPN company is best to protect the online information. Many VPN companies have some features, because of this it is hard to decide which company is best to buy. Do you know what are the common features of a Virtual Private Network(VPN)? And how to decide the VPN company which can fully secure the online activities?

Features of VPN

There are almost all the features are the same only a few of them are different. And these different features can easily make difference in privacy level.

Hide identity

This is the most common feature of virtual private network software. VPN is made to hide the identity and show you as anonymous while working on the internet. These features you can see in every VPN app.


The Servers of VPN companies are located in many countries. It is because servers help you to switch the IP with another country’s server.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth provides by every VPN company. It is offered by each VPN company to provide natural speed. It does not decrease the internet speed during the connectivity of VPN.

Access to banned sites

All VPN company provides the access to banned or restricted sites of geo-restricted countries. You can enjoy and read the content of any country or any site.

Which are the best features of a VPN company?

There are lots of best features that can make difference in a VPN software company. VPN offers many security which helps to protect the information done through the internet.

Kill Switch

Few VPN service provider company offers a kill switch feature. It helps to keep a layer of protection on online information. If suddenly VPN gets disconnect then, it automatically connects the VPN with the device.

No Logs

No logs mean no storage of browsing history. It means there is no way to leak or sell the information. With the help of the zero-logs policy, it is hard for the third party to see the history.


DNS converts the Domain Name into the IP address. An IP address is needed to connect the VPN or provide more privacy on the work. The use of a Domain Name System(DNS) helps the users to enjoy streaming without buffering. It is also useful to increase the internet speed.

256- Bit Encryption

256-Bit is the strong encryption provided by the VPN company. The encryption feature is given to converts the shared files into codes. The files can only be decrypted when they are received by their real receiver.

Wi-fi Security

Only limited virtual private network apps offer privacy from the Public Wi-fi or the Hotspot. Public wi-fi is not fully secure but some VPN companies help to secure online information while connected with Wi-fi.


Prices can change the mind of people to buy the particular VPN software. Sometimes VPN companies offer huge prices for the same features which are provided by another company. But Hola, Vypr, and Surfshark VPN, etc are some of them which offer these features in your budget. Hola is one of the easiest software to set up and use, it is pocket-friendly also.

You can also crack the best offers on the Hola VPN Coupon to get this app at a minimum price. VyprVPN company also provides VyprVPN Discount Code to the users with all privacy features.

Ad & Malware blocker

Limited virtual private network software is eligible to detect or block the malware. It is because, Malware can easily give access to hackers on your device to steal information.

What makes a VPN good?

A virtual private network is good if it provides full privacy while getting online. It should support maximum devices at a single time. The price should be pocket-friendly. Users should not get a compromise with the speed if they are using the VPN.

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