As lockdown eases, more and more of us are looking for ways to get away without breaking the bank. Camping is a great pastime for friends and family alike and gives you the chance to explore the country without having to organise accommodation. If you’re a newbie or are a little rusty after a year of staying in four brick walls, we’ve got the top six exciting accessories you should buy for your next camping trip.

Solar-powered charger

Of course, it would be great to use your trip as a complete digital detox, but it’s not so simple in the modern world. It’s always good to have a phone in case of emergencies, but with today’s smartphones, it’s unlikely your device will stay charged for your whole trip.

A solar or heat-powered charger means you can charge a variety of devices throughout your trip without having to depend on local cafes or power banks. It’s helpful if you’re wanting to use your phone as a map while exploring or for keeping the kids entertained with a little music while you cook tea.

Heated socks

Not everyone on the camping trip will be as enthusiastic as you – especially if you’re known for dragging your partner along whenever you fancy going outdoors. If this is the case, gift him or her a pair of heated socks that can keep their tootsies warm for hours. They’re great for popping on when the nights get colder, so you can get a good night’s sleep without them hogging the covers.

Clip on sunglasses

If you’re heading out on a day of adventure or a long hike, you want to carry as little as possible. That’s why clip on sunglasses are a great shout. These sunnies (you might’ve guessed) clip onto your everyday glasses, so you don’t have to keep swapping as the sun moves throughout the day. You can shop for different styles and sizes at

A portable safe

A portable safe is a great way to keep your possessions safe while you’re out of the tent, so you don’t have to lug everything around. Everything from cash, keys, phones, etc., can all be kept in the safe and stashed away in the tent or car while you’re exploring.

A bath…?

This Kickstarter lets you bring luxury to your camping trip with a hammock that can turn into a bath. Talk about glamping! As long as you don’t mind flashing the local family of bears, this accessory is ideal for anyone who is craving a deeper cleanse while in the wild.

Water filters

If you’re camping at a site, you should have no problem filling up a canister with fresh water for cooking and cleaning. But if you’re on a wild camp, you don’t want to be weighing yourself down with gallons of water. As such, a personal water filter will help you stay refreshed and hydrated and filter any water you get your hands on.

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