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Software is now so integral to many modern businesses that it is often hard to envision a successful future without it.

It can be useful for getting ahead of the competition, streamlining your working day, and optimising financial management. Without out implementing software solutions, there are many instances you would be putting your small business at a distinctive disadvantage.

Unfortunately, the latest iterations of what purports to be business-saving software can be extremely expensive, and many small businesses already have enough financial turmoil to contend with in the early stages of their existence.

If you felt like you needed to cut costs in the software department yet still wanted to remain competitive, here are a few points that might be worth considering.

Cheaper (or Free) Alternatives

Thankfully, there is a host of exceptionally decent software options out there for little to no extra cost.

They are highly functional, easy-to-use alternatives to expensive SaaS (software as a service) variants.

However, it is important to note that many outsourced IT solutions will come with the services of experts who can constantly monitor your business and offer advice on which direction to take next. This is highly unlikely to happen when attempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, but with a little searching and dedication, you might not need it.

G Suite is a great example of a low-cost platform in which to conduct your digital operations, and thankfully a Google Workspace Consultancy is available to help you get the most out of its functions.

If you need software for design but want to keep your budget safe from harm, Photopia and Canva are great alternatives to Photoshop, and they are totally free in their basic forms.

If audio production software is what you want, Garageband comes free with an Apple computer, and it is exceptionally good quality and easy to use. Entire commercially successful albums have been recorded on this neat bit of software! There are other fantastic alternatives such as Reaper and FL Studio should you want to expand your search.

Consider a Centralised Platform

Software subscriptions can quickly add up in cost, particularly when they are constantly releasing new versions of an essential product.

Is worth considering a centralised platform in which to operate on, as this can help you cut out costs of ineffective and underutilised software across your small business.

For example, a cloud-based solution that lets you access all of your digital assets from anywhere can be not only cost-efficient but save you and your employees a great deal of stress in the long run.

This can also be great for increasing your cyber-security in terms of your IT infrastructure, cutting down on the risk of losing or misplacing files, and let you optimise remote working across the board.

Find an Alternative Source

The Microsoft Office package is a good example of a highly important yet hugely expensive piece of software. There are, however, alternative sources in which to acquire activation keys, and they are completely legitimate.

G2A is a great example of this, a website that essentially lets people trade their unwanted software activation codes and keys. This site is not solely reserved for video games, and it often boasts many exceptional deals on software versions. However, it is important to make sure you are aware of the risks before buying from a private seller.

Similarly, provides another platform in which to find cheaper versions of software.

Browser Extensions

It might be worth asking yourself whether or not opting for a sophisticated new piece of software is totally necessary for your company’s good. For example, is it worth the return on investment or the advantages it promises?

This may help you decide whether or not the same job can be accomplished with the help of a browser add-on or an extension.

The immense number of available extensions for Google Chrome is absolutely staggering. There are so many to choose from; one could quite easily lose an afternoon traversing the depths of what the browser has to offer.

Some of the best extensions might be able to help you to optimise your business output from the comfort of your very own toolbar.

Seek Free Trials

When trying to save money on software, splashing out on what eventually proves to be useless can put one in a very upsetting position.

This is why seeking out trials is important, as it can let you get to grips with what exactly it does and whether or not it is worth purchasing for the long term.

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