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Video-based learning is a well-known e-learning technique that is gaining popularity. It is shorter, crisper, and engaging nature has changed how your organization’s members learn, making it popular now and a mainstay of learning. Video holds the learners’ attention so that no other media can, and it’s simple to deploy via a learning management system. 

It is because Training Videos are now considered crucial for today’s generation of professional learners, that video-based learning is in high demand among associations and constituent-based organizations. Care personnel cannot provide high-quality care or keep up with regulatory changes without adequate training. BVS Training has put up several excellent training videos/DVDs and materials to assist managers in providing the necessary assistance to their health and social care workers.

What’s the Point of the Video?

The introduction of Training Videos into the health and social care industry revolutionized the way people learn, making the experience more engaging and richer for both employees and managers. Advancements have bolstered the tendency in video/DVD technology. As a result, video training and eLearning are becoming increasingly popular among care homes and healthcare organizations. The advantages are numerous:

Cost Savings:

Traditional instruction is substantially more expensive than video training. All that is required for group training using DVDs or downloadable videos is a computer or DVD player, as well as a TV or monitor screen – no expensive external instructors, travel expenses, or catered lunches, are required. 

All required for our eLearning is a computer, tablet, or phone. The cost of purchasing DVDs and downloads can be offset by using them many times in the future, and training can be done in-house by a member of staff who can follow the extensive lesson plans provided by BVS Training.

If a staff member is unable to attend the training session, they can simply watch the video and follow the accompanying materials on another day. Our eLearning courses allow employees to get training whenever convenient for them and at their speed.

Learning Retention and Engagement are Improved:

Easy-to-digest video content leads to far higher levels of learning retention while also displaying natural health and social care challenges, instances, and processes in a way that text-based communication just cannot. In addition, video engages and motivates care home personnel. 

It emphasizes the human element by allowing participants to immerse themselves in specific social care settings in the training room, allowing them to work through challenges before entering the care facility. Videos also provide teachers with ‘talking points,’ enhancing the effectiveness of face-to-face teaching.

Increased Adaptability:

According to popular belief, individuals only remember 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they read, and 80% of what they see. However, video integrates both aural and visual learning modalities, while our accompanying materials encompass reading and writing, allowing for considerable flexibility in light of varying individual preferences. Participants can also learn at their own pace and on their own time, with the option to re-watch anything they might have missed.

Training From the Most Outstanding Professionals in the Field of High Quality:

Video allows your team to communicate with subject matter experts from all across the country without flying them in. Videos can also be used to demonstrate procedures that are difficult to explain, and it is without the need for a human volunteer.

Scalability is Simple:

A single instructor may be able to easily present material to a small group of team members, but teaching a complete department is far more difficult. No matter how big or small your organization is, corporate training films may be simply scaled to fit any situation. You can either assign small groups to watch the film together or offer it online for each employee to watch individually.

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