Once you plant a tree, you might think that you don’t have to do anything else because nature will take care of everything. However, after several months, you might realise that your tree hasn’t grown as much as it should have. This can occur because of a number of reasons, and we are going to cover these below.

Lack of Water

It’s no secret that plants need water to survive but a tree needs a lot of water with newly planted trees requiring as much as ten litres per day. So, one of the main reasons for a tree not growing is because it doesn’t have enough water, which is particularly likely during a hot summer. So, if you have planted a new tree, you should make sure that it is watered around two to three times per week.

Too Much Water

While a lack of water can prevent a tree from growing, too much water can also have the same effect. If a tree is planted in an area that doesn’t drain well, it can mean that the roots sit in water and can become suffocated. The roots need to be able to breath but soil that is saturated or areas where water pools can prevent trees from growing.

Trees Are Planted Incorrectly

A tree has to be planted correctly and that means that the lower part of the trunk is kept above ground. This is because the trunk is not designed to live below the ground as it does not have a protective bark. This can cause the stem to rot, and it can also prevent the cambium layer which transports water and nutrients from doing its job. The problem can take a while to develop and become obvious, but you should make sure that the tree is planted correctly for it to thrive.

You Have a Weed Problem

If a tree is planted in an area where weeds are growing, this can cause growth problems. A tree needs plenty of water to thrive and even before it puts down a root system, it needs the right care. However, if weeds and grass are allowed to grow in the area where the roots should develop, it could mean that the tree doesn’t get enough water as weeds and grass will steal the water.

Incorrect Staking

For trees to survive, they need to anchor correctly in the ground. If they are not firmly supported with the use of stakes, then it can mean that they don’t root correctly. This will result in the tree suffering from damage during bad weather and that can weaken the roots.

Damage From Animals

Animals can cause a range of problems, especially rabbits and squirrels as they will gnaw around the base of trees. Furthermore, squirrels will remove bark, and this can mean that the vital arteries of the tree are damaged, preventing it from getting the water and nutrients it needs.

If you have any issues with your trees, you could always call on Chelmsford tree surgeons. They will provide professional advice and ensure that your trees thrive.

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