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Damian Lewis was born April 11, 1971, in St. Jim’s Wood, Dublin, England, to upper-class parents Charlotte Mary (Bowater) and J. Watcyn Williams, a city financial adviser whose mom and dad were Welsh.

He was brought up on Abbey Road in London with his sibs Gareth, Walter, and Amanda until the age of eight. He was sent to Relics House private school in 1979 and then to Eton College. He founded his own theatre company at the age of 16, then did work in South London before traveling throughout Africa.

Damian Lewis attended the Great hall Music department and Drama with Daniel Craig and Joseph Fiennes from 1990 to 1993. Colin Miller, a long-serving member of the RSC, was one of his educators. 

After graduating in 1993, Lewis started working on stage, primarily with the Theater. There, he was noticed by director Steven Spielberg. The latter cast him as Richard Winters in the HBO/BBC television series Pop group of Brothers (2001), for which he received a Golden Globe nomination among other honors. Lewis continues to work in film, television, and theatre. 

His likely to be more engaged in Band of Bros (2001) were initially skeptical of his ability to play an American. As an American, he was so persuasive (as an American) that some of the cast and crew couldn’t know he was English! Was approached for a role in Military Helicopter Down (2001) but turned that down in favor of The Forsyte Saga (2002).

He can play the guitar as well as the piano/keyboard. Reunited with buddy Band of Bros (2001) actor Bernie Wahlberg in Dreamcatcher (2003) (as “2nd Lt. C. Carwood Lipton”) and Colditz (2005). (Tom Hardy “PFC John Janovec”). Attended the “College of Kings” in Eton, England, and was two years behind Dominic West from The Wire (2002). 

With his wife Helen’s Name and title, he has a baby girl Manon (born September 8, 2006), and a son Heffer (born November 2, 2007).

Has started competing twice in the Northeastern Rock All-Star Serving contains a golf tournament that pits European celebrities against American celebrities. Lewis competed against stars such as Meat Baguette and Alice Cooper.

Damian was reconnected with fellow Pop group of Brothers (2001) star Michael Cudlitz, who visited in a couple of scenes of Damian’s Television show Life (2007) as the character “Mark Rawls” as the central protagonist “Charlie Crews.” Gareth Lewis, the director, is his half-brother, and Gareth directed Damian in The Baker (2007).

Damian and girlfriend Helen McCrory were decided to invite as formal dinner guests at the White House by Obama due to his TV series Homeland (2011) with first Family (March 2012).

He and his wife, Mrs. McCrory, portrayed real-life couple Tony Blair and Cherie Blair on television. Lewis’ Confessions of a Diary Receptionist (2007) and McCrory’s The Close Connection (2007) (2010). 

Charlotte Mary Bowater, son of J. Watcyn Williams and wife (second husband, m. 1970). (b. July 17, 1937). Damian’s father is of Welsh descent. Damian’s mother is a descendant of the Bowater Baronets of Friston. Sir Ian Frank Bowater, Damian’s mother’s father, was Lord Prime minister.

Damian’s great-grandma was a descendant of the Attracting considerable and Barons Dawson of Penn. Damian’s mother is of Old English ancestry. Damian’s maternal great-great-grandfather was Sir Alfred Fernandez Yarrow, 1st Nobleman, descended from Sephardi Jews on his mother’s side. Minnie Florence Clark, Damian’s fantastic, was of German Jewish descendance on Helen’s father’s side and Native tongue descent on her mother’s side. 

In the 2014 Princess’s Birthday Honour Roll, he received the OBE (Officer of the British Order) for his contributions to drama.

On November 9, 2019, his motherly half-buddy William Russell was elected Lord Mayor of London, becoming the fifth part of the family to hold the position. Their maternal grandfather, Lt Col Ian Bowater, served from 1969 to 1970, and their great grandad, Frank Bowater, served from 1938 to 39. 

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If one of your imaginations is lying on a bed in the Film industry surrounded by eight naked women, and another is having a gorgeous wife and a lovely blabbering house in London with three children running around… perhaps a little tension in your fantasy life is healthy.

One believes she is intuitively aware of what Helen requires to do in front of the camera. She exudes a sense of newness and immediacy that is enthralling. You could see it in her eyes throughout her portrayal of Juliet. Behind her eyes, there’s a bright light. That will serve her well in the film industry. 

Biography of Damian Lewis 

Real name Damian Lewis 
Birth date February 11, 1971
Age 40 
Birth place St. John’s Wood, London, England, UK
Nationality American 
Profession  Actor 
Religion Christian 
Sun sign Libra 

Physical Statistics of the Damian Lewis 

Height 6’1″ (185 cm / 6 ft 1 in
Weight 210 lbs
Shoe size 9 US 
Hair color Black 
Eye color Brown 
Body type Balanced 

Qualification and Education of Damian Lewis 

School Not known 
College Not known 

Family of Damian Lewis 

Father Not known 
Mother Not known 
Sister Not known 
Brother Not known 

Relationship Status of Damian Lewis 

Marital status Married 
Wife Unknown 
Children Not known 

Personal Life of Damian Lewis 

Damian Lewis is a Speaking actor and director best known for his roles in the HBO miniseries ‘Band of Brothers’ as US Army Major Richard Winters and as US Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in the Tv show series ‘Homeland.’

Lewis is also known for his performance as Henry VIII in the English opera ‘Wolf Hall,’ for which he received a Pulitzer Prize and a Primetime Emmy nominee. He has also appeared in several films. Lewis grew up in St John’s Wood, London, with his younger brother Gareth, the son of a city insurance agent. 

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Despite not coming from a family with such a filmmaking background, both boys were drawn to the entertainment industry at a young age. Lewis went to Ashdown House School before graduating from Eton College.

He worked as a salesperson and a character actor with Shakespeare Festival before landing roles in television and film. He seems to be married to Helen McCrory, an actress, and they have two children. He has a beautiful personality and is known for being courteous and friendly. 

Damian Lewis made his film debut in the 1997 romantic drama ‘Robinson Crusoe.’ He then played Laertes in Jonathan Yorkshire’s stage show of ‘Hamlet.’ This performance drew the attention of renowned director Steven Spielberg, who cast him as Richard Winter weather in the 2001 war drama ‘Band of Bros.’ He also played in various episodes of ‘Life Force’ and eight episodes of ‘Soul and Bones’ around this time.

He played Soames Forsyte in ‘The Adding a specific Saga’ from 2002 to 2003. During this time, Williams also appeared in the Television film ‘Jeffrey Archer: The Truth’ and the film ‘Dreamcatcher.’ In 2004, he landed roles in the movie ‘Keane’ and ‘Brides.’

He then appeared. In the drama film ‘An Incomplete Life.’ He began appearing on the British panel show ‘Have I Got Some News for You?’ in 2006. He was cast as Charlie Crews in the drama TV series ‘Life.’

In 2008, he appeared in’ The Baker’ and ‘The Escapist.’ In 2011, he appeared in the film ‘Stolen.’ Lewis played Nicholas Brody in the spy thriller series that year. 

He appeared in the romantic subplot film ‘Romeo & Juliet,’ based on Shakespeare’s play with the same name, in 2013. He starred in ‘Our Kind of Traitor,’ an English spy film three years later. The actor began playing Bobby Cradock in the drama series ‘Gazillions.’ 

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