Manageability in PRINCE2 Project Context

“Manageability”, I heard that one a lot as it was use in another article. In fact “manageability” has been known to be another defining term for project which are consider as the mundane activities that are done in order to make it possible and beneficial.

Here are some of the common and fundamental characters which are commonly regarded as the basic elements of project management. You might find these on a PRINCE2 Course.

The team itself is the weakest character of any project. This is a very important character to recognize. This character is very evident between team members initially usually just on an intellectual basis and then later on a qualitative basis. Team members are charged with these activities. Team members are also often called to groups thus, giving them other roles other than what they originally are called.

I have often seen that persons are categorized as Management, Team leader, Support and even members or assistants. A lot of these roles are as obvious as they are unstated.

We talk about the requirements of the project that is presented to the project manager. These requirements have actually developed into team roles that are common to all departments; whether they are Human resources, Construction, Engineering, Information Technology, Production or something else. It is the inclusion of these minor differences that we identify as the characteristics of one agency project.

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Another way of identifying leadership character is to look at the departmental grouping in the organization. What I mean here is to look at whether there are cases where petty organization cells are formed within the departments while on project. These are some of the approaches that I have seen project managers take in order to identify the character of the project departments.

There are also what I refer to as personal organization cells which function under the project team organization guidelines. These are not really project related departments as it is to show that the Any assignment Teams might have been present in the departments with some other projects that are taking those departments. These personal organization cells are much more visible in a project then the ones that serve the project directly.

As a project manager it is my responsibility to identify the characteristics of the project team that could be related to project management. I know that the long-standing mission of many project managers and executives is to have an organization structure that we can call as “Project-sided”. Not only do we want to have these characteristics represented but we need them first. So I think that project managers as well as other executive need to take note of what they are identifying that it is really a project character not a departmental character to get caught in. Many project managers would not identify a project as a Department where this is actually true. Yet for those people not too many executive, the project defines effectively as a project.

There are other character traits of a project that do NOT always fall in the category of management leadership. However these aspects are important characteristics that managers and executives need to pay attention on. Here are a few that project managers and/or executives need to identify and conduct themselves in order to have this focus intentionally and effectively.

Important Things That Managers Need To Pay Attention

1) Authority (ability)

Project teams have managers that are authorized to conduct their project and are entrusted to their authority and/or ability. I consider your ability or the ability to make a decision to define or create project needs as an authority. The power of having an authority in a project holds an important leadership role in the project.

2) Consulting

Project assignments are normally done by management. It is our job to know when to ask for help from other people and we have the ability to accept help from other resources and respond to their call. This acting in a consultative fashion in this regard allows for openness and quality of input from others.

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3) Create

In project leadership, we create change by our actions. For Example: In projects, an employ has trained their project team to be able to create, create, create.

4) Communication

Project teams also have management that communicates clearly with others. I regard Chasers as having this characteristic where they are taking many of the important communication steps that are necessary of project participation

5) College

Project teams also have management and project leaders who are college-aged driven and well educated. The element of College is an important characteristic for project leaders

6) Collaboration

Project management is all about collaboration. I believe an example of this would be one of the instances that you might distinguish project managers from assistant project managers in an organization. When you are working on a project if you have seen that you have reached a goal or could not meet the work/project expectations; then what have you done to get digging into a new project and get it moving again? I believe project management is collaborative again.

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