When it comes to relieving physical and mental stress, a hot cup of tea works miracles. In fact, tea relieves you of tiredness, in addition to giving you an immediate energy boost. While caffeine-laden drinks come with harmful effects, it is worth noting that most people cannot function perfectly without a daily tea intake.

Due to the side effects contained in the usual tea, scientists invented herbal tea to offer exceptional calming effects and at the same time offer health benefits. One of the worthwhile herbal tea worth a mention in the market is known as linden tea. This type of tea comes with health-giving properties that you need to be aware of. So, check out the top 8 things you need to know about the linden tea below.

What is Linden?

Merely put, it is a type of herbal tea extracted from linden flower tea leaves and the linden trees’ bark. The linden tree belongs to Tilia genus family and is mostly found in Europe, Asia and North America. This herbal drink is typically prepared by boiling linden flower tea leaves and then wait for them to steep for roughly 15 minutes.

8 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know about this Tea

It Enhances Relaxation

As you already know, taking a warm cup of tea guarantees a relaxing effect. The best thing about this type of beverage is that it offers much more than the ordinary teacup because the steeped sweet flowers relieve anxiety symptoms and enhances relaxation.

One study claims that linden boasts strong sedative properties. What’s more, the tea extracts are rich in GABA (GABA-aminobutyric acid), which is a brain chemical that prevents nervousness in your nervous system. Thus, the drink enhances relaxation as it acts like GABA.

It Boosts Sleep

More than 30% of individuals across the world experience insomnia, which is a condition that makes it quite hard to fall asleep. You may find it hard to attain a restorative and high-quality sleep with this condition even if you manage to sleep. Here is where drinking this tea comes in handy as it reduces restlessness and anxiety.

It Treats Sore Throat

A sore throat arises from flu or cold. It may cause scratchiness, pain and irritation, besides making it pretty hard for you to swallow. So, look no further if you are searching for a tea that eliminated sore throat. Linden can relieve several cold symptoms as it comes with mucilage, a sticky component that soothes the irritated membranes.

Use it For Weight Loss Purposes

You are all aware that losing excess weight is not a walk in the park. It demands perseverance, determination and hard work. What’s more, you need to adhere to an active and healthy lifestyle. Some experts allege that linden enhances the metabolism of fat cells. This way, your body will burn the fats efficiently and quickly, and in the process, promote a natural weight loss.

It is Linked to Low Blood Pressure

First, this herbal tea enhances your heart health by decelerating the natural yet harmful human oxidation. With this ability, it can also lower blood pressure. One study indicated that linden intake affects the calcium channels in the heart. Calcium is essential when it comes to muscular heart contractions, and this is effective in decreasing blood pressure.

Helps in Digestion

For many centuries, people have used linden to alleviate indigestion. Basically, a hot cup of linden offers a calm heat and hydration and calms the digestion tract. In a study conducted in kids with antibiotic-resistant diarrhea, an intake of linden offered strong antibacterial properties.

It Eases Body Pains

Flavonoids, such as tiliroside and quercetin present in linden, help people suppress chronic muscle and joint pain. Due to this, people with arthritis need to consume linden to ease their knee and joint pain. Above all, it offers other health benefits, such as regulating body inflammation and supporting cardiovascular health. At the end of the day, drinking linden often is a good practice that will improve your overall wellness.

Easy to Include in Diet

Incorporating linden into your diet is a walk in the park. The fact that it enhances sleep and relaxation means you can drink it before going to sleep. What’s more, you can either drink it individually or add a piece of lemon and a tablespoon of honey.

Additionally, you can steep a couple of tea bags or linden loose leaf tea overnight in the room-temperature water and then consume it as iced tea on the sunny and hot days. When it comes to buying linden, make sure you buy it from a reputable and authorized online tea and coffee shop to avoid buying substandard flavors.

Linden Downsides

According to the European Medicines Agency, a moderate intake of linden, typically 2 – 4 grams daily is safe. Nonetheless, you should avoid taking it in excess. While it’s safe to drink it, people who are allergic to linden and its pollen needs to stay away from linden.

Safety in Pregnant or Nursing Women and Kids

Linden safety in pregnant or nursing women and kids is a topic under investigation. Thus, this category of individuals needs to keep off the drink.

Prolonged Use can Cause Heart Disease

You should avoid using it if you have a history of heart conditions. In most cases, prolonged usage is linked to heart conditions and damage in some situations. Due to this, please take it in moderation.

It may Interact with Various Medications

If you are one of those who take medications that contain lithium, you need to avoid taking linden as it impacts how your body excretes this component. With this, your dose may be affected, leading to extreme side effects.

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