Craft beer is a popular product that is recognised globally. Various craft breweries keep opening up with unique and exciting beer flavours available for you to try out.
Whether you’re a person with a particularly mature palette or you just simply like beers, craft beers are something everyone is sure to like.

However, with the presence of so many breweries, staying ahead of the crowd may be challenging.

That said, marketing is an important strategy for every business, including your craft brewery, to improve visibility and enhance sales. Your ultimate goal may be scalability and developing a strong brand identity – smart and creative marketing can help you achieve that.

While creating top-notch beers may be easy for you but marketing them is something that might be out of your area of expertise. Using beer mats or personalised beer coasters is good but you need to take it a step further. If you’re on the lookout for marketing your craft brewery, you’ve come to the right place!

Here is a list of marketing strategies that every brewery can adopt to improve their visibility and create better awareness around their brand.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Tell Your Story

People love listening to stories about conceptions of a business or a motivational experience that led to forming your own company.

Your craft beer journey too has a story behind it; sharing the inspiration behind your brewery – right from how you got the idea to the setting up process alongside the challenges you faced – can help people understand the true meaning and culture of your brewery better.

To tell your story to your potential customer base, you can create blogs on your website or better yet, use various social media platforms.

While you’re at it, ensure that you’re adding in a personal touch to the story since that helps develop a deeper connection with your audience which is only going to be advantageous for your business.

2. Provide Insights And Engage With Your Audience

After sharing your journey, ensure that you’re keeping your customers and audience updated with the latest developments and news of your brewery.

Since an important aspect of every marketing strategy is to create and maintain customer engagement – by keeping in touch with your audience base, you make sure that you leave a positive impact on them.

For instance, you could share weekly newsletters, information about personalised beer mats or emails offering discounts to persuade your audience to visit your brewery and try out your craft beers.

Similarly, you could also leverage different social media platforms. This is because they’re another great and inexpensive way through which you can provide insights into your brewery’s events, daily atmosphere and ambience in a relatively easier way.
By keeping your audience engaged with your brewery, you can retain their attention for a long period of time and thus increase your chances of them turning into regular patrons for your craft brewery.

3. Have A Well-Designed Website

Those who are on the lookout for new beers or breweries, usually end up searching for places online; leveraging this by creating a great website can help you immensely.

A website is the first online impression of your company. From products and services to details about what you offer – your brewery’s website covers it all; this makes designing a solid website important for you.

hat said, from layout and navigation to quality content and SEO, make sure your site covers all the important elements that are essential for designing a great website.

Additionally, creating a sign-up form through which you can stay in touch with your audience can also help you work on strengthening your engagement tactics. However, just make sure you have enough visuals and graphics of your pub and its ambience – this will help the audience to get a better look at what your pub is like.

4. Form Local Partnerships

Whether it is sponsoring a local sports team or partnering up with food trucks or community markets, forming partnerships help you improve your visibility considerably.

By reaching out to help others for a good cause or form an event, not only do you network and form new connections but also start building on your brewery’s credibility. After all, establishing goodwill will always work in your favour.

What’s more, sponsoring a local sports team or persuading them to celebrate at your brewery can help create an inviting and outgoing atmosphere at your establishment. Similarly, partnering up with a food truck can help you better your customer service while providing you with many opportunities to work on your networking skills.

Collaborations with businesses related to your company can help you reach out to a bigger audience; this works great in your favour.

5. Conduct Brewery Tours

Craft beer is an experience that everyone must have, at least once. The brewery process by itself is fascinating and spreading awareness about this will definitely help your brewery.

That said, consider having brewery tours for visitors to get a much better and personal craft brewery experience. In doing so, you can educate and inform them about the beer-making process while also letting them see the step-by-step procedure.

Moreover, you can also build your credibility by showing the behind-the-scenes process of your amazing craft beer. Hosting groups or even date night tours can be a great marketing strategy to help you improve visibility through a unique brewery tour.

At the end of the tour, you could provide your visitors with a discount on your craft beers to improve their experience and make it even more memorable – this will surely leave a lasting impression on them.

6. Host Special Events And Competitions

Hosting special events and competitions is a sure-shot way to increase visibility. Different types of events that are targeted to specific age groups can garner the attention of all audience types.

Consider hosting the following events-

  • Beer Competitions: What better way to market your craft beers than by having beer drinking competitions? Particularly popular amongst sports enthusiasts on game nights, beer competitions help create a buzzing and friendly atmosphere and are sure to get your brewery a lot of attention.
  • Beer Crawls: Collaborate with other local breweries to host a beer crawl. This fun and engaging exercise is sure to help you build better relations while also establishing your brewery as the go-to place!
  • Themed Nights: An event where people can come dressed up while also connecting with others can considerably increase the traffic at your bar. Themed nights have become increasingly popular for many restaurants and bars; consider having one for your brewery as well.

These events and competitions help you gather large crowds for a fun night or day. Working your networking skills to establish better relationships with your customers can ensure that they return to your brewery.

To Sum Up

Craft breweries provide a unique experience for every visitor; making sure that your business is well-marketed improves your chances of reaching out to a better audience base.

Adopting smarter marketing strategies that not only improve visibility but also make things refreshing and engaging for your visitors leaves a positive impression on them. It also helps in increasing the chances of them returning to your brewery.

That said, using unique tactics and events to increase your brewery’s visibility not only improves awareness around your brand but also increases your chances of better sales.

Make the most out of marketing to establish your brewery as one of the best suppliers of craft beers!

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