CBSE class 12 humanities is a vast subject. It covers several topics that are most useful in your day-to-day life. But preparing for class 12 humanities is a tedious job. You have to complete about 17 subjects in the humanity streams. It includes subjects like economy, history, psychology, geography, political science, sociology, philosophy, human rights, home science, legal studies, media studies, and many more. If you want to cover all these subjects, you need to access the CBSE class 12 humanities question papers.

Class 12th Humanities Syllabus comprises questions that are easy to score. Subjects like physical studies and home science are the best way to gain marks in your class 12 humanities. So, if you are a student preparing for your CBSE class 12th humanities exams, here is how you can utilize the CBSE class 12 humanities question paper.

Analyze the syllabus

The best way to start your preparation is by analyzing your syllabus. The more time you will spend with your syllabus, the more you can know about your preparation. So, the fundamental step to start prep is by analyzing the syllabus. Before moving on to question papers, evaluate your syllabus to get an idea of where you want to start? 

It will help you make your preparation more fruitful. If you are looking for humanities question papers, make sure you are aware of your syllabus.

Choose easy topics

If you follow the previous year question papers, you should select the questions from easy topics first. Solving an easy question will encourage you to move on to the difficult part. So, you can learn easily. But if you answer complex questions from the beginning, failing to answer may discourage you. So, start with the easy one, always. 

Know about the difficulty level in the question paper

If you are solving the previous year question papers, you must analyze the difficulty level. Track all those questions, and see whether they are matching to your sample papers or not? You can also see whether they are actually from your textbook, or you should follow any reference book. 

Comprehending all these points will help you gain a better insight into the questions. You can increase your efficiency to answer questions easily.

Finish it within time

Time management is the most crucial thing in any exam. And questions from previous helps you manage time efficiently. You should solve the paper within the required time to make sure your preparation is done. If you are reading from the previous year’s question paper, make sure you utilize the time accurately.

Check your accuracy

Once you are done answering all the questions, you need to check whether you are right or wrong. So, you can check the answers to know how well your preparations are. Wrong answers will also help you in rectifying your mistakes.

Subjects that you will learn in class 12th humanities syllabus

Before choosing Humanities as your career, you must be well-versed that humanities as a stream deal with the study of human society and culture. So, it is obvious that you will find diverse subjects in your humanities stream. 

Further, the topics subjects will also include topics like ancient and modern languages. You will read about the country’s history, geography, politics, and many more. Thus, if you choose humanities as your career, here are the lists of subjects you will come across.


It will offer you knowledge about ancient, medieval, and modern Indian pasts. You will learn about these themes in detail.


This is a subject that will teach you about citizens, consumers, and workers’ day-to-day lives.


This is a subject that focuses on the structure and functions of a society. It will also help you gain a constructive attitude towards society.


In class 12th humanities geography, you will learn about some key concepts of geography. You will learn about the economy, people, transportation, communication, and many more.

Political science

Helps you acquire knowledge of the historical process. You will learn about when the constitution was drafted, its key features. Further, you will also learn about contemporary politics and globalization. 

So, wrapping up, this is how you can utilize your CBSE class 12th humanities question paper. If you are class 12th students, you must divide your time for each subject uniformly. This will help you revise easily.

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