If food is heaven then health is wealth. Therefore you should not worry about how much you eat. Rather you need to be concerned about what you eat and whether you eat right or not. Quantity of food does not matter if it has taken in a small amount and on the right time of the day.

Here are some healthy foods, which are very tasty for you. So, what are you waiting for? Hoven on these recipes.

Whole-Grain Pasta

Whole-grain pasta is good for your cholesterol and for your tongue. It is also a wholesome food that keeps you full for a long time. You can also add some cool veggies into it and even make it with egg, chicken or whatever you want.

It is light and digestible. The food contains less calories. It is also good for those who are on a protein diet. It is because it is high in fiber and protein.

Nut Butters

Nut butter are extremely notorious food with unsaturated fat. They are not only easy to make but you can also have them with salads and various fruits as well. It is mixed with some peanut butter and some other nuts and their extracts.

It can be easily made in home which will allow you to escape the unnecessary preservatives and other harmful ingredients that are added when it is factory processed and have it as one of the healthy foods.

Olives, Waffles and Yogurt

Olive is an extraordinary ingredient in losing weight. Hence, olives with yogurt are the best option. Although you can use other vegetables as well, if you want. Waffles really enhance the taste of one of these healthy foods, giving it a desert kind of taste.

You can have it anytime you feel hungry. Yogurt is a good digestive ingredient as well, which is often used as a healthy appetizer. Although you should not have it if you are allergic to lactic food products.

Eggs with Brown Bread Toasts

Eggs are known to be high cholesterol food. Actually they have an ample amount of good protein and Omega 3. Which makes it a part of the healthy foods. You can have eggs as breakfast. It is a highly nutritious and tasty preparation as well.

The vitamin B-complex in the egg helps the body to revive and it also helps to reduce the inflammation of the body. Whereas brown bread or wheat bread are a good source of harmless carbohydrate as it is full of fiber.

Kidney Beans Curry

Kidney beans curry is the ideal food for you if you want a boost of iron, phosphorus, and potassium. It is not only highly nutritious, but it also provides you energy. They are not only low in fat but they also prove to be a wholesome food, especially when you are gumming.

You can prepare the kidney beans to curry with a lot of healthy spices. These spices are known to increase metabolism and help you to lose weight as well. It not only makes you fit but also keeps you full.

Sardine Sandwich

How about a mouth full of sardine sandwiches. They have everything you need to savor. Good veggies, healthy fishes and some really tasty sauce. Sardine is full of good fatty acids and they are known as Omega 3. Plus it is filled up with low-calorie sauce and other grilled veggies.

The food is tasty and enough for a wholesome snack. It is really full of Vitamin C and Vitamin D. It contains a good amount of Vitamin B12. You can also have it for a late-night snack and be assured that you will feel filled up till morning.


Watercress is one of those healthy foods which is filled with the goodness of vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. It is an exotic dish which has originated from the medieval era. But to date, it holds its invincible reputation as one of the tastiest preparations.

The veggies are grilled along with some healthy spices which add to the taste of the food. Not less than that, it is also rich in cancer-fighting properties and other vitamins and minerals.

So, these are some of the healthy food you can try as a part of your healthy foods diet. Never get bored with your food rather stay healthy always.

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