Bath is a city founded on an old Roman settlement dated in the 1st Century AD. Rich in history and stunningly beautiful to look at, it is a must-see location for anyone visiting this area. The city combines a depth of history with a modern thriving location that fits easily into the 21st century, so there’s plenty to do, see, and experience within the city itself as well as close by.

As there’s so much to take in, it’s vital that you take the time to draw up a list of everything you wish to visit. This way, when you say your goodbyes to the area, you’ll know you have at least satisfied your most pressing curiosities.

#1 Tourist attractions

Of course, there are many different sights to see in Bath. From the Roman Baths and stunningly beautiful Bath Abbey which started to be constructed in 1499 and today is performing the role of a parish church, to the elegant No.1 Royal Crescent, a particularly fine Georgian townhouse open for visitors to marvel in the extravagant interiors of the bygone age.

However, these fantastic works of architecture can’t be allowed to totally overshadow the astonishing 18th century Pulteney Bridge, which is lined with shops and most admired. Of course, there are a lot more sights to be experienced all over the city from various points in time including parks, museums, tours, and boat trips on the Kennet and Avon canal.

#2 Nightlife

For those wishing their days would melt into the night, there’s also a vibrant nightlife waiting for you. Bath has many pubs and bars often hosting entertainment in the form of quiz nights, live music, and comedy nights among other types throughout the week, as well as weekend entertainment. If you want to spend your night dancing, then there are also nightclubs with DJs or live music venues like Moles available as well. Indeed, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone, although you may need to do some research first before venturing out.

#3 Eating out

As with the nightlife and things to see and places to visit, there are also lots of restaurants like Revolution to try. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a foodie, you’ll find yourself in paradise. Regardless of your budget or appetite, you’ll find something that suits every time of day and occasion. If you have a lot of time on your hands and a bottomless stomach, you could quite easily eat your way around Bath and have a fantastic time to boot.

#4 Entertaining the Kids

Besides the normal museums and Roman Baths, there are also other places you can take the kids which will not only entertain them and pique their interest but also be amusing for you as well. There are adventure golf courses at Victoria Falls and dedicated play areas at Victoria Park and Sydney Gardens. You also have the opportunity to go on a drive-through safari at Longleat or visit Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park. With so much to do, your kids will sleep tight while they look forward to the adventures of the next day.

#5 Getting the most from your time

Regardless of whether you’re visiting Bath for a full-blown holiday or just a weekend away, you’ll find that you’re totally spoilt for choice on what you can do. Packing everything into one visit may be a very tall order, so it’s advisable to prioritize your must-experience list. This way, when you come back to visit again, you’ll already have an idea of the attractions that appeal most to you.

What you shouldn’t do, however, is exhaust yourself. Bath has many calming and relaxing attributes which can be savoured and enjoyed. It’s important that you pace yourself while experiencing everything you set out to do. Have peaceful moments such as taking a cream tea on the canal or see a show at the Theatre Royal to give you some time out of your mind before your sightseeing commences again.

A few final thoughts

Bath has a wealth of history and is an impressive place to visit and spend a holiday or two. It caters for whole the family, quite literally, with amusements aplenty and restaurants for every budget and culinary desire. You’ll certainly find that you haven’t got time to get bored or even stand in one place for too long.

The accommodation is just as varied and welcoming as well, with plenty of hotels including historic mansions, self-catering apartments, and even hostels for those on a tight budget. You’ll also find accommodation that is happy to receive your four-legged friend as part of the holiday party so nobody gets left out and everyone in your household can enjoy a holiday in the vibrant and historical city of Bath.

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