You have, no doubt, thought long and hard about the necessity of your house renovation project. You’ve thought about the additional space, how you would utilize it, and the different needs it would have to fulfil.

However, it’s likely that you’ve neglected to think so hard about the luxury elements. This could be because you’re under the illusion that all the luxury features can be added when the project is nearing its competition stage or as a final touch. In some cases, though, this can’t be further from the truth.

There are some aspects that need to be a part of the project long before the first wall goes up (or comes down, depending on the renovations that are taking place). Missing these out completely or realizing the improvement they could make too late in the process can be either costly or heartbreaking. Taking a few simple steps early on in the concept of your renovation could really make a difference.

#1 Get the right architect involved

It’s likely that your renovation project will require an architect, even if it’s just to provide you with drawings so you can get planning permission. It’s a good idea to research the architects that you’re thinking of using and look at their portfolios. This will stand you in good stead to find one who has similar tastes in building styles to your own.

It’s important that you don’t feel pressured into hiring the services of an architect you don’t feel happy with, or for that matter, adopt another person’s interpretation of the design you really want to have. You’ll have to live with the result, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you’ll be happy with it.

#2 Ensure there’s plenty of natural light in your design

You should ensure that the design you choose makes the space feel light and airy. This can be quite difficult as you’ll have to rely on your imagination and 3D drawings to provide you with a vision. Little windows make spaces feel dark, small, and sometimes claustrophobic. These feelings are rarely associated with luxury. However, incorporating large windows that let in lots of natural light can make a space feel larger especially if they’re ceiling-to-floor ones.

#3 Embrace eco-friendly wall coverings

It’s not just the windows that you’ll need to consider, there’s also your walls, too. You may be thinking about the typical plasterboard and a regular skim over the top to provide you with a smooth wall, which you can then either paint or paper. However, there’s another option that’s open to you, which also hints at a touch of luxury and indulgence, and this is tadelakt plastering.

This Moroccan style of lime plaster finish is growing in popularity as it has waterproofing qualities, but it’s not just for kitchens and bathrooms as it can bring a touch of luxury throughout the whole of your home. Tadelakt plastering incorporates natural pigments in with the lime plaster, which means that you’ll have walls that don’t require any painting or papering afterwards. It provides a good, soft, smooth polished surface for any wall or ceiling, and can even be used to create architectural features and points of interest in your new area.

#4 Make sure you can afford what you want

It’s likely that the touches of luxury you want to include in your renovation project may increase your original budget, but this isn’t a reason to strike them off from your wish list. You should instead see them as a challenge and spend as much time as you possibly can researching online to see if you can find items similar, but far cheaper. For instance, alternative items such as taps for either a bathroom or a kitchen, tiles, or carpets may also help your finances so you can then afford to stretch your budget for those luxuries that demand the full investment.

So, to wrap it all up

Your renovation project will need a lot of your attention right from the start if you’re going to create an area that you’re proud of and includes everything that you want. After your initial concept, you’re going to have to get a like-minded architect on board so you can submit the relevant drawings for planning permission.

It’s important that you think carefully about the amount of natural light your renovation could have, and include and budget for all the little luxuries you desire. Finding out too late that you would have liked to have tadelakt plastering after all your budget has been allocated could leave you feeling resentful of the decisions you’ve made in the early stages of your project.

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