There is no question that most people would like to have their homes sold quickly so that they can move on with the next chapter in their lives. Unfortunately, on average, homes in the UK stay on the market for six to eight weeks before they are sold; and if the home is in a rural area, exotic, unconventional, or too expensive, it may stay on the market for many months. But experts in real estate insist that there are many things you can do to sell your home quickly. Here are four tips for those ready to scream “Sell My House Quickly!”

  1. Declutter: Before you even put your home for sale, the first thing you need to do is declutter it. Go through every room of the home and get rid of anything that you do not use. Either give away the stuff or store it somewhere. Home buyers today are looking for clean, spacious homes. At the same time, remove all large pieces of furniture that make the room look small. Let the buyer imagine what the property will look like if he or she was living there. But do not make the home look dry and generic- leave something imaginative and creative in the place
  2. Consider a fresh coat of paint: Sometimes all that is needed to spruce the place is a fresh lick of paint. Go with lighter, neutral colours because they will make the home appear brighter and larger.
  3. Enhance the kerb appeal: The first impression is vital when you are trying to sell a home. Most buyers make up their minds within a few minutes of arriving. The outside of your home should be immaculate. Give the windows a thorough wash, rinse the steps and make sure the doorbell works. Keep the front garden clean and well maintained, paint the fence and repair any cracks on the path. At the same time, clean up the garden in the backyard and make it look lively and appealing. Most of the effort to perk up the kerb appeal requires elbow grease rather than money.
  4. Handle minor repairs: Tackle any small repairs like replacing cracked tiles and ragged carpet. If you find a small hole in the wall or a bit of damaged baseboard, repair it as soon as possible. Potential homebuyers want to see a turnkey property, not a spot they might have to repair after they make the purchase.
  5. Upgrade the kitchen and bathroom: The two things that most potential home buyers look at are the bathroom and the kitchen, hence you have to make them look just perfect. Make sure the cabinets open and close well, that the hinges are functional, and that there is no clutter. Put away most appliances except for the coffee maker and the toaster. Consider upgrading the plumbing fixtures in the bath too. Both spaces should look bright, spacious, clean, welcoming, and smell nice.
  6. Ensure all spaces are bright: There are many different things you can do to brighten up dark rooms. Consider upgrading the lighting fixtures to help make things a bit brighter throughout. Use LED bulbs, too, to add some brightness to a room. You may also want to wash the windows and open the curtains. Install several large mirrors as they can make the room look lighter and brighter. Mirrors should be installed in the smaller rooms and hallways as they can improve the aesthetics. If there are still any dark corners in your home, place some lamps and leave them on.
  7. Eliminate odours: Few things turn buyers away like odours. The key is not to cover or hide the source of the smell but to remove it. Clear all the drains, wash dustbins, and get rid of furniture that smells of pets or smoke. To make your home smell great, place some lemon slices, cinnamon, and cloves in a pot with boiling water. Let the steam permeate the home for a few hours.

There is no magic to selling a home fast; you just need to put some effort into it. To that end, make sure your space, both inside and out, looks warm, clean, and inviting, and you’re certain to have potential buyers ready to make a purchase.

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