The effectiveness of any website depends on how well it is designed. Meaning your designers play an essential role in the success of your site. The usability and utility of your website are key factors that determine a good and poor website. Since your website is the face of your company, it is important to get it designed cautiously. Lacking the tiniest aspects could ruin your brand.

Web design is critical in increasing conversation and improving google ranking. Website design doesn’t only mean the look and feel of the website, but how it works. A well-structured website with great usability perform better on google no matter how simple it is.

Here is a list of some of the best design principles that will make your website engaging, user-friendly and aesthetic.

Simple and clean

Adding a lot of unnecessary elements on the webpage may distract your users from the main information you intend to put across. In addition, too many elements increase load time. Since users are impatient, they will not have the time to wait for your page to load all the elements.

Fresh and simple designs make the website appealing and easy to use. This mean users will have an easy time navigating through your content and pages. Also, they will get the information they require much easier and quicker.

Typography and readability

Text dictate the success of your website since it gives visitors the information they need. Text is also an integral part in search engine optimization since all such engines are familiar with the data set. As a result, for an effective web design in Tamworth, you should keep your website typography eye catching and easy to read for users.

Use easy to read fonts, e.g., the modern sans-serif fonts as Arial, with a reasonable front size in your body and texts. Combine typefaces properly for all design elements such as buttons.


Consistency is key in web design.  When building your website use the same design elements throughout every web page. For instance it is understandable if you change font sizes of headings, text and subheadings, but your button styles must be the same.

Make a well thought out plan and mock up to guide you during the design process. Settle on the fonts, text sizes and colours and stick to them during development unless there is a necessary change.

Imagery and colour palette

A great and appealing colour pattern adds aestheticism to your website and attracts more users while a poor combination can lead to distraction.  As a result, it is important to use a beautiful colour palette, with an appealing and welcoming atmosphere.  You can increase user experience with a complementary colour palette for a balanced look on your site.

Remember to use whitespace wisely to avoid visual clutter and mess. Also, don’t use a many colours and multiple vibrant images.


The principles mentioned above are vital in ensuring you build a functional and aesthetic website. If you miss any these principles, you will have a difficult path to success. Only with a clean, fresh and user-friendly website design Tamworth,  can have a chance of success in the crowded market.

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