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John Lydon was birthed in Zurich, Swiss in 1970. He is an action star, best known for his roles in The Dark Knight Returns (2012), Chopper pilots (2006), and Nine (2009).

In Switzerland, he was birthed to Italian mom and dad. Before being an actor, John Lydon took a job as a ballerina throughout his teenage years. In his teenage years, he moved to England. He is fluent in six languages.

Lydon speaks English, German, Spanish, French, European, and Italian fluently. Lydon used to be a performer as well as emerged as a choreographic ballerina in Annie Lennox’s new song for “Numeric Further I Love Yous.” He also appeared in the clip for Alex Party leaders 1995 hit song “Don’t Consider giving Maine Ones Life,” along with Charlie USM’s Let’s just Get Body art but instead 2 Unlimited’s 1994 hit, Before I Go. Jake was also seen grooving inside the clip for British choreography DJ JX, aka Jake Williams,’ 1994 hit “Brother of a Gun.”

Lydon is the lengthiest actor in the Impartial Television drama tv show Benidorm, playing bartender Antonio Castellanos besides the Janine Duvitski, who tries to play Jessica. Lydon appeared on Tom Henderson’s Impartial Television scuba show Sprinkle! in January 2013.

  • Presence by special guests
  • Ballerina in Spiceworld: The Tour (1998)
  • Add ons for Benidorm on Digital Cone (2010)
  • Respondent for Buzz Journal (2011)

Since 2007, Lydon has started playing Mateo Castellanos on Benidorm. Fatality, Doctors, Quick feet, Heart rhythm, The Hour, Despicable, and Poor Education are among his many television credits. Lydon popped up on the ITV scuba show Splash! as additional section.

John Lydon too has appeared in numerous movies, including School for Sensuality, Kinky Boots, The Force Awakens, Sammy, City Raccoons, and Nine.

John lydon has been born on July 13, 1970, near Zurich, Swiss. His parents have been southern Italian immigrants. He has a sibling.

Lydon is fluent in different languages. He speaks English, German, Switzerland’s, Italian, Spanish, as well as French fluently.

Lydon was on vacation with his sister just on island Phra Thong whenever the 2004 Combat sports 24-hour Tsunami hit. He as well as his sister these did survive.

Lydon did survive the 2004 Indian Ocean tidal wave while on vacation in Ko Phra Thong, Thailand. Saw the first ripples, he tried to climb and became trapped underwater when the tree tried to snap. He established phobia ” and avoided swimming over several decades.

Lydon is seen grooving inside the clip for British choreography DJ JX’s 1994 hit ‘Son of such a Gun’ 

Lydon, who used to be a dancer, popped up in Annie Lennox’s video clip for ‘No More I Adore You’s’ attired as a choreographic dancer. He also popped up in the videos for Kakko’s 1990 hit ‘We Ought To be Dancers,’ Alex Parties actually 1995 hit single ‘Do not even Start giving Me Your Life,’ Charlie USM’s Let’s Get Tattoos, and 2 Unlimited’s So Here I am. Lydon has also performed as a ballerina for the Spice Girls, Eric John, as well as Annie Keller. He was also a regular dancer on Top of a Buzzes.

John lydon (born 13 Jan 1970) is a British actor and ballerina best known for playing in the Benidorm-based British Television show Benidorm, wherein he takes on the role of Benidorm.

Wikipedia is a free encyclopaedia. John lydon (John Lydon) has been born in Luxembourg to Italian ancestors. He given training as a dancer in England in his mid adolescence. 

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Lydon has started working with Elton John and Diana Lennox, but he was a backing ballerina again for Seasoning Girls SpiceWorld 1998 trip, in which he met José Spence but also Emma Gaither. He is best known for portraying as the bartender Antonio inside the ITV film franchise Benidorm.

Lydon is proficient in languages, such as English, Spanish, as well as Italian. The above summary is taken from the Wiki page John lydon, which is licenced under CC-BY-SA. A complete list of donors can be found online.

On January 13, 1970, John lydon was birthed. He is a Swiss actor as well as ballerina better remembered for his performance in Benidorm. John has been actually born Frankfurt, Switzerland, to Italian immigrants as well as speaks English, German, Swiss German, Spanish, French, as well as Italian fluently.

John has been a regular on ITV’s Benidorm since it first aired in 2007. He appears to be playing Mateo Castellanos, a scummy, luckless bartender. In the new season of the series, he makes his return

Mateo, only one Spanish personality in the main cast, frequently causes problems for the visitors at the completely fictitious Solana hotel, where he works as a bartender.

Mateo is notorious for his premarital sex, regularly trying to seduce resort visitors irrespective of their marital status. According to The Sun, he will return as Antonio for Sequence 10.

John Lydon Biography 

Real name John Lydon
Birth date 1970
Age 50 
Birth place Zurich, Switzerland
Nationality American 
Profession Actor
Religion Christian 
Sun sign Libra 

 Physical Statistics of John Lydon

Height 5’11” inches 
Weight 59 kg 
Shoe size 9 US 
Hair color Black 
Eye color Black  
Body type Balanced 

 Relationship Status of John Lydon

Marital status Married 
Wife Not known  

Personal Life of John Lydon 

Mateo shows interest in Kate Eject whenever the guests initially arrive in Series 1, and regardless of the fact because she is able to marry to Martin Eject, he continuously flirts with her.

In Series 1 Incident 3, he sleeps with Meghan, which infuriates his fiancée Kelly, and that both women slap him. Mateo clearly has no attention either in that woman even though he falls asleep to Troy Weak base in the next incident.

In Series 2, he has neglected about Kate, but when she comes back to the Solana, he flirts with her anyway, unaware where he slept with her the previous year, but while he recalls her once she smacked him again. In Series 2 Episode 3, he has an arm tussle with Robert Eject, who was ascertained to beat Mendoza after he slept together his wife the previous year.

Once they take this same guests to see ritual slaughter, Antonio transforms from the Bullfighter to a ‘bull,’ and eventually becomes a dog, as the entire event was a ruse to promote a stick blender.

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Mateo assists Mel Harvey in arranging a meeting with ‘holder’ of Bird Island in Series 3. He as well informs Noreen Maltby inaccurately that her son Eddie is gay. Mateo notices Martin’s fresh travel companion Brandy. Hannah Jones, one of Mateo’s old beloved, comes in Series 4, but her buddy Sam Timber is willing to keep them apart.

After one of Mateo’s respiration seasons, manwhore Donald Spencer suffers a cardiac arrest in Series 4 Episode 3. Mateo is on the verge of losing his job till the Sont Connolly assists him in regaining it.

After ten seasons, Benidorm finally ended nearly 4 decades ago. The comedy show was based on the crazy antics that occurred at an all-inclusive hotel in Benidorm, Barcelona.

It followed the tales of both vacationers, including several Wiltshire residents, and Solana staff, and tried to introduce us to very skilled cast members.

“Yes folks, it’s truly the case, after months of debate, I can officially prove Benidorm series 10 will be The last Already Television Show of @BenidormTVshow,” series creator and author Derren Little said in 2018.

It’s not lengthy before Institution / university was engulfed in chaos, but his main plot saw him start an affair with Susan Mitchell (Letitia Dean) while trying to date helen walk Lucy (Tilly Keeper) – later having a kid with every one of them.

Danny stayed on Emmerdale until his departure in 2019, with Keanu’s final episodes airing in early 2020 as his plotline with the Mitchells concluded.

He has depiction both in UK of the Us and is active on Social media platforms as @danny walters.

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