How To Develop A Successful Mobile App Like Zoomcar?


If you are a car retail business owner, using car rental software like Zoomcar is the best choice! According to a report, the user access for online car rental apps is expected to hit 3.8% and the market volume for the same will be $67,463 million by the year 2023. Analyzing these growth trends, many taxi vendors have started to invest in self-drive car rental apps.

Undoubtedly, many startups and entrepreneurs are using a mobile app like Zoomcar as a successful business opportunity. Zoomcar is a popular car rental app that allows everyone to book a self-drive rental car by their required time. Whether Android or iOS, this online software can flawlessly participate in any smartphone. What’s more, a Zoomcar app helps in streamlining the management operations and minimizes the routine workload.

If you are also planning to get an online car rental software for your customers’ convenience and your business growth, get in touch with a reputed On-Demand app development company

Their dedicated team of experts would love to assist you with the most comprehensive solutions that can facilitate your business growth and expand the customer base globally. Before developing an online software like Zoomcar with interactive and innovative features, you need to know some things about this software. Let’s have a look at those in detail.

Types Of Car Rental App Like Zoomcar

Self-Drive Car Rental App

This app allows users to book the car affordably. Under this app, users have to charge as per the car model and the hours they hired the vehicle.

Corporate Car Rental App

If you need a car on rent for the convenience of your business clients, the corporate car rental app is the best option! It allows users to book cars online for office purposes.

Local Car Rental App

If you need The local car rental system is an app that is used to provide the car for the local people on an hourly and daily basis.

Outstation Car Service

If you are a traveler who comes to visit the city, you can hire cars on their own terms from the outstation car rental app.

Features Required For A Car Rental App Like Zoomcar

User Panel Feature:

  • Sign up/sign in
  • Choose a car
  • Fare estimate
  • Complete booking
  • GPS
  • Payment
  • Management booking
  • Setting a car pick point
  • Notifications

Car Owner Panel Features:

  • Login and registration
  • Car owner and dashboards
  • Payment details

Admin Panel Features:

  • Car management
  • Payment management
  • Custom profile management
  • Car owner management
  • Fare management

Car Rental Advance Features:

  • Analytics and reports
  • Breakdown services
  • Availing a driver
  • Provide information to the users
  • In-app chat assistant

Monetization Features For Car Rental App


You can use this feature as a source of income for your app. It will also help in diminishing the operational costs of your app.

Revenue From Car Rentals

From this model, your business can easily earn revenue. 

Tie-Ups With Other Service Providers

This app also provides an option to tie-up with other service providers like mechanics, tour operators, and hotels. It is a great way to generate an additional source of revenue in the process by providing value-added services to your users.

Technologies Required For The Car Rental App Like Zoomcar

UI/UX – it helps to create a pleasant experience. You can use platforms like Photoshop, Google sketch, HTML5, or CSS.

Payment Gateways –PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard, UPI

Data Storage – Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure

Coding – You can choose some coding languages including React native, flutter, python, Swift, Objective C to develop your app.

Data Analytics – You can use Amazon, Microsoft, and Google cloud service for data analytics. It will help you in your business growth.

Geolocation – Geological features help your app to monitor the location of your managed cars. For Android, Google location is advisable for Android and Apple’s Mapkit is an ideal choice for iOS.

Push Notifications –You need to notify users regarding various touch points like booking confirmation, location sharing of the pickup and drop points. For that, you can use Firebase, Twilio, and other push notification services.

The Bottom Line!

There is no denying that quality is the foundation of a successful app. So, it is essential to ensure that you get your rental car app developed from a reputed mobile app development company.  They have experience to transform your idea into reality and take it to the next level. They truly understand the value of high-quality and customer-centric apps. Whether you are looking for a proficient app development company for android or iOS platform or want to know more details about car rental apps like Zoomcar, you can also contact experts.



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