Get in the Way of a Smooth Moving Day

The process of moving is hard on anyone. Even if you’ve planned every step from beginning to end, you’ll still find moving day challenging. It’s the nature of it! After all, you are uprooting your life (and your belongings) to go live somewhere completely new.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a smoother moving day than others. It’s all about preparing for all possible situations. Below, you will find the seven things that could ruin a smooth-running moving day, allowing you to prepare for the worst!

1. Bad Weather

It’s something you might not even think about until the morning of the moving day arrives and you notice non-stop rain outside. The result can range from slight discomfort to a total disaster, and you naturally want to avoid the latter. Knowing about moving in the rain can be beneficial, especially if planning a move during some of the wetter months. Little things like wrapping your boxes and most valuable items make sense here. It’s better to be prepared – the last thing you want is soggy boxes!

2. A Moving Van that Doesn’t Show Up

It’s any mover’s worst nightmare: a moving van no-show. It doesn’t happen too often if you choose a reputable moving van company, but it can occur. In this situation, you won’t know what to do – who do you call? Can you book a last-minute moving van? It’s best to look for another moving company as soon as possible. The sooner you book, the faster a new van will show up. You will also know which moving company not to choose in the future.

3. Lots of Traffic

You likely have a schedule for the moving day, one you’ll want to follow to a tee. There’s one common thing that can get in the way of that: traffic. It’s something everyone knows about but still forgets to plan for! Heavy traffic can make meeting timings difficult. The best thing to do is take a breath and adjust arrangements as necessary. After all, you have zero control over the roads.

4. Damaged Items

It’s not uncommon for household items to get damaged in transit. In some cases, this damage can be devastating, especially if it involves something sentimental or valuable. The best way to prepare for this is by packing efficiently, ensuring your most precious items are 100% protected from damage. Bubble wrap is your friend! If you’ve done this and it still happens, then you can go through the process of insurance. Remember – it’s an accident that occurs quite a lot, and it’s important not to get angry with the people moving your items, as they don’t always have control over this.

5. Not Being Able to Find Much-needed Items

So, moving day goes as smoothly as it can, and you finally arrive in your new home with all your boxes. The only problem is – you have no idea where anything is! The first night in a new home can be challenging because you don’t have access to your usual stuff, which is why an essentials box is so important. Label this box well and put everything you might need during the first few days into the box, such as your toiletries, chargers, and a couple of plates/mugs/cutlery.

6. Leaving Packing Too Late

You might think you’ve left enough time for packing, but have you? It takes longer than most people would think. You can’t always reference your last move, as you may have accrued more items since then. It’s best to start packing in advance, ensuring you’re completely finished by the time moving day comes around. You don’t want to be throwing your items into boxes when the moving men arrive!

7. Furniture that Doesn’t Fit

Another problem you may encounter on a moving day is discovering that your furniture doesn’t fit in your new place. It might be that the sofa cannot get through the door at all! It can cause a panic. The best thing to do here is always measure your furniture and other large items before the moving date so you can rest assured that everything will slot into your new space nicely.
There’s no denying moving is hard, but you don’t need to make it harder on yourself. Know what to prepare for, including the worst. That way, you’ll have the plan to overcome even the most problematic of moving day situations.

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