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How has Digital taken over in the Pandemic?


If ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, the 2020 pandemic is the best example of it. COVID-19  disrupted everything, from individuals to communities to the governments, and definitely did change one way of life: the digital one!

From ordering groceries to our jobs, everything suddenly moved online. A sudden change, but a pleasant one, undoubtedly, digital is the ‘new normal’. Here are 5 ways digital took over in the pandemic.

  • Work from home

Before 2020, many companies took pride in their value of bringing every member under the same roof in all conditions. ‘Working from home’ was a concept that only small companies had been able to adopt. The pandemic changed that. Even the companies most reluctant to let their members move away from their hawk-eyes even for a day were now forced to let every one of them go.

But what good came out of it?

Job seeking became virtual. Job seekers started applying to jobs far away from their home, paper resumes became a thing of the past and relocating for a new job became a future concern. To know more about how you can build just the right resume for your dream job, visit Resume Points.

  • TechHealth

Yes, telehealth existed before 2020, but it was as rare as social gatherings now. Post the COVID-19 outbreak, telehealth became the only solution. In times when going to the hospital is the riskiest thing to go, people rely on telehealth for medicinal consultation. This helps them avoid overcrowded places and reduces human contact, slowing down the spread. Now just doctors’ consultations, telemedicine has now also ventured into psychology so people could resume their therapy sessions online.

  • eLearning

Who would have ever thought of education without schools? Well, the unimaginable has come true as students have no choice but to resort to eLearning. Schools and universities have completely switched to virtual learning. While it is difficult for students to concentrate from home while their life feels like a long summer break, it’s harder for teachers to facilitate the learning. The transition of education from real-life to completely digital is certainly one of the most disruptive parts of the pandemic.

  • Virtual events

From birthdays to weddings to webinars to music concerts, everything now is on your screen. Event managers and business owners are going out of their way to organize events, webinars and conferences that limit human contact, but not human interaction. They are constantly thinking out-of-the-box in order to provide a great experience to everyone who attends the event.

  • FinTech

As people moved inside their homes and avoided human contact, digital payments, banking and investment came into the picture. As e-commerce grows, so does digital payments. While banks are shut down, there is a rise in e-banking. As human contact has become rare, people are making use of technology to invest and handle their finances- something that was not very common before.

Physical distancing from places and people have certainly brought us closer to technology and changed the definition of a digital world.


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