4 Steps You Can Take to Boost Your Rankings


Ranking well in the search engines is an important goal for any website, and it’s something anyone can achieve. If you’re not seeing the results you’re expecting, then these four steps can help boost your rankings and bring in more traffic.

Make Use of Your Blog

No matter what type of website you have; your blog is an important tool to help boost your ranking potential.

This is where you can really go into detail about your company and your products, and answer the questions people have. When people search Google, they’re often looking to answer a question they have. Your blog is your opportunity to answer these questions and get ranked for lots of additional keywords.

Stay Focused on Your Content

Each piece of content should be focused around a particular keyword. Google is really good at linking ideas together, so it’s going to pick up on related keywords and ideas, but the important thing is that you keep it focused.

If you’re writing about the tallest chess players in the world, then make it the best article in the world on that subject rather than losing focus and trying to hit other unrelated keywords. Google is only going to rank the very best articles out there, so if your article on tall chess players isn’t one of them, then it’s not going to rank.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factors. The more links you have pointing to your website from other high-quality websites, the better your ability to rank will be.

An SEO Agency Manchester such as Factory, can be a big help in formulating a plan to get you more backlinks and really giving your site extra ranking capabilities.

Getting backlinks can be tricky, but when you’re working with the right people it can make a big difference.

Keep the UX Clean

When you’re building a website, it can be tempting to get carried away with all the fancy things you can do. There are endless themes, lots of plugins, and by the time you realise, your site is overloaded with all kinds of things you don’t need.

The most important thing though, is to keep things simple and make your site easy to use. User experience shouldn’t be complicated, but it can make all the difference.

If people find your website difficult to use, then it’s going to show, and Google will pick up on this. When people keep bouncing from your site because of a poor UX your rankings are going to suffer.

Likewise, your load speeds make a big difference. People don’t want to wait for your pages to load, and the longer you make them wait, the more likely it is they will bounce straight back to where they came from.

These are simple fixes, but if you’ve got a poor UX and a website that loads slowly, then it’s going to be more difficult to rank well.


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