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Do you want to study abroad? Your aim demands little more than interest. It needs powerful English language skills too. Every speaker of other languages is required to take a standardized English test and needs to manage a good score. 

It quickly became an alternative that is capable of precisely testing language skills using the latest technologies. However, exams sometimes give us jitters. But it brings us closer to our dream and helps us to see the bright future of us. So, PTE is such an English proficiency test that helps you reach your dreams. In that, the PTE Exam Format is a new entrant. 

What is the PTE Exam?

Have you guessed the full form yet? It’s the Pearson Test of English. PTE is a test that analyses your English speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities of non-native speakers. It is conducted by Pearson PLC Groups under the charge of language tests. It was started in 2009 and has been non-returnable since then for English proficiency assessment. The test is accepted in well-known universities across the world. 

Requirements to Take the PTE exam

  • PTE is fully computerized so students should be familiar with basic knowledge of how to proceed to an online test. 
  • You need to have headphones, as speaking modules require them. Also, you need to be cautious enough as your answers are recorded for evaluation.  
  • You need to be accurate while writing answers and have a good typing speed, as the writing module includes essay-type questions. 
  • You should have proper time management to ace the PTE exam. The candidate must prepare well in advance with certain PTE Tips & Tricks to keep a check on time for each section. 

What are the types of PTE exams?

Today, there are three types of exams available globally. 

  • PTE Academic Exam – To examine the preparation of usage in university-level language. 
  • PTE General Exam – To examine the readiness of using the International English language in the work environment and other common settings. 
  • PTE Young Learner Exam – It is for children between the age group of 7 to 12 years.  

PTE Academic Exam is the most popular among these three exams for its appeal to the global student community.

PTE EXAM format:

Exam duration: 3 hours

In those three hours, a candidate has to cover four different sections.

Speaking and Writing– These are the combined modules you need to cover in a single test that usually lasts for 77 to 93 minutes. In this module, the candidate needs to pass various phases like reading aloud, introduction, repeating the sentence, and essay writing. This is basically designed to check your academic skills in the English language. 

Reading – It is made to examine your reading skills in the English language. The test usually lasts up to 32 to 41 minutes and it includes Fill in the blanks, MCQ, and reordering the paragraph. 

Listening – It is the section that includes the level of expertise of the candidate in the ability to listen to the English language properly. To evaluate it contains various questions, FIB, MCQ, and highlight an incorrect word. The time duration of this module is 47 to 57 minutes. 

PTE Exam Fee:

The PTE Exam fee is nearly about 13,300 or US $175. However, it keeps changing and is subject to change. 

PTE Scoring Scheme:

Based on the expertise level of students, the scoring of PTE is done based on a scale of 10-90. The results are well detailed which represents candidates’ scores in each section. The minimum ideal score for PTE is 79 that is needed to get you into a good college and with PTE tips & tricks you can score it. Any score above 77 has made its way to seeking admission to a prestigious college.

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Final Thoughts:

If you stay long with us, it states that you are serious about the PTE exam. There are many things you need to learn, re-learn and perform in a possible time if you want a good score. AlfaPTE will be with you on this journey. Take a step at a time and with this guide have a complete understanding of the PTE exam. 

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