If you are bored of the regular old roadway trips, trying out a cruise should be the top priority on your itinerary. Avoid the boredom of airports or the traffic on roads with beautiful cruises all around the United Kingdom. For someone visiting the UK, Southampton could be an ideal choice for amazing cruise trips. Ports that get frequented by tourists from all around include Gran Canaria, La Palma, Lanzarote, and Tenerife.

So, if you are planning a fun trip to the Canaries, here are some of the popular cruise lines that set sail from the port of Southampton.

1-P&O Cruises:

With more than a dozen cruises operating annually between the Southampton & Canary Islands, the P&O Cruises are the top choice in the market. The ships owned by this veteran brand from Britain range from large to midsized vessels. Each ship’s capacity ranges from 2000 to 3000 passengers.

The standard ports frequented by visitors with this cruise line include Gran Canaria, La Palma, Tenerife, and Lanzarote. When abroad the ship, you experience things that will lift your spirits. From amazing entertainment and great amenities to themed parties and mouth-watering food, P&O Cruises provide you everything. A special 14-night Dance-themed cruise by this company is something you should surely invest in. The popular stops with this cruise include Portugal and Spain going all the way to the final stop at the Canary Islands.

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2-Braemar by Fred Olsen:

Popular for its signature small-sized ships, with a maximum holding of 1325 passengers, Fred Olsen ships are just the opposite of a mega ship experience. With a total of the 4-ship fleet, three are dedicated to sailing all the way from the Southampton to the Canaries. The 13-night cruise ship aboard the Braemar with 929 passenger capacity is an experience unparalleled. When you sign up for this trip, you start from Southampton going all the way to La Coruna, followed by the beautiful Gran Tarajal located on Fuerteventura Island.

Popular for its distinctive influences from North Africa, Fuerteventura houses mesmerizing beaches and landscapes that will surely woo you. In this cruise trip, you will also pay a visit to Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lisbon, and Funchal.

3-Queen Victoria by Cunard:

Cunard is a name that has been synonymous for long with the luxury ocean fleets of yore. However, the company is now a segment of the Carnival which offers a fleet comprised of 3 ships of which, the oldest was launched in the year 2004. Currently, Cunard offers cruises to Canary Island with a duration of 12-14 nights. The Queen Victoria fleet has a total capacity of 2091 passengers and was debuted back in the year 2007.

The port stops in this cruise trip include Funchal of Madeira which is known for the dramatic sceneries, floral gardens, and delicious Madeira wine. Most of the itineraries include the first stop at the Canaries of La Palma. Here the excursions include trips and city tours to the black sandy beaches. Additional ports visited in this cruise include Lisbon/La Coruna, Gran Canaria, and Lanzarote.

4-Spirit of Discovery by Saga Cruises:

Saga Cruises are popular for their adventurous cruises for adult travelers who love a jolt of adrenalin rush. When planning a cruise trip to the Canaries, Spirit of Discovery, the latest fleet by Saga, will surely take you to an adventure of your life. With a capacity of 999 passengers, this cruise will take you to the lesser-known corners all around the Canaries.

During the trip, you get to experience stargazing late at night in Funchal. Not just that, you can explore the place with cable-car, wicker toboggans, and tuk-tuk. Additional stops along the way include Santa Cruz forest tour, Gran Canaria sand dunes hike, and exploring Tenerife lava fields. Launched in the year 2019, Saga Cruises’ Spirit of Discovery can easily be dubbed a luxurious fleet that gives you the feel of an emporium hotel.

Bottom Line

Whether you love exploring the traditions of various Canary ports or cruise through the endless waters, a trip from Southhampton to the Canary Islands is something you should definitely try out. This selection of some of the most popular fleets will surely help you experience an adventure of a lifetime while enjoying posh facilities aboard the ship.

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