With summer soon to enter the land of Britain, you must be out with your favourite sun-dress awaiting a long summer weekend trip. Millions of visitors come down to the vast terrains of Britain to explore its beauty and enchanting backdrop. The number goes as high as 36.7 Million holiday makers every year. This number is evidently justified given the fact that Britain flaunts several ancient monuments, mesmerizing natural beauty, popular modern sky-scrapers, as well as a collection of historically-acclaimed sites which ensure a thriving tourism industry.

However, there are several lesser-known corners of Britain that are equally spellbinding. Let’s take a look at some of the offbeat corners of Britain to visit this summer.

1-Little Venice:

Imagine having your very own Venice right in the middle of Britain. Yes, your dreams of a beautiful boat-ride through the water-lanes of this famous city in Italy can actually come true. As suggested by the name, Little Venice is home to multiple pubs, waterside cafes, as well as restaurants that sparkle in the summer light. You can either jump right in for an amazing ride on the boats in the canal or walk by the riverside of Regent’s Park or Camden. The area has a regular waterbus based service which operates all the way from Little Venice circling around the Regent’s Park, moving towards London Zoo and finally going to the Camden Town. Enjoy your summers on a budget and beat the summer heat with an amazing boat trip.


The eastern-coast of the Suffolk County has recently become a sprawling spot for visitors. With a collection of the most picture-perfect towns in Aldenburgh and Southwold, this place attracts the interest of visitors from different corners of the world. If you are someone looking for an old-fashioned and fun-filled seaside trip, a trip to Dunwich is just what you need. Dunwich is an ideal example of town that maintains its beauty and tranquillity even in the 21st century race for technological advancements. A summer trip to this place will benefit you with the best views of the open sea, stupefying heathland walks, and much more. And if you are a tea lover, just go right up the cliff and walk into the local tea shop.


Salisbury is among the best hidden secrets of Britain. This small yet unique city is actually home to England’s tallest cathedral along with several amazing places to visit. This city flaunts a long, fascinating history that dates all the way back to the 13th century. From the amazing prehistoric Stonehenge that dates all the way back to Neolithic age. These stones were transported all the way from Wales but the reason for its existence is yet unknown. And if you are in the mood for some adrenalin rush, try the Salisbury Escape Rooms with amazing puzzles and quizzes to solve. Moreover, you can enjoy a stress-busting walk through the Harnham Water Meadows.

4-Gaping Gill Cave:

The most remarkable visit at the Yorkshire Dales is most definitely the Gaping Gill Cave. While this area is mainly famous for its rolling meadows covered with stone walls, abbeys, villages, and packets of fresh water scattered over a stunning landscape. While a good chunk of the locals have heard of the Gaping Gill Cave, very few have actually visited the area. However, the public access to this cave is only possible during the summer months starting from May all the way to June. You can also plan a trip in the month of August. However, summer visits are favoured given the clear skies and warm climate. Expanding to a length of 21 kilometres and depth of 192 metres, this cave has a total of 21 entrances. You can acquire access through the Ingleborough Estate Office.


Located in South Dorset, Tyneham is a place with Zero population. Yes, it’s true. This valley has been uninhabited for ages. There is a mention of some village that existed back in the Iron Age. The valley remained populated till the year 1943 after which it was acquired by the U.K. Ministry of Defense for use by training troops as firing range. If you are looking for an adventure, pass through this ghost town hustling with green meadows and crumbling construct that adds a rustic feeling to the entire surrounding.

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