You can choose to use temporary storage for your business merchandise as opposed to having a permanent space for many reasons. These can include the safety and neat storage of important items when you have neither the manpower nor the resources to manage this storage. However, when you decide on using temporary storage, there are some very pertinent considerations you need to put into account. This can be either a good or a bad decision for your chosen business. Temporary storage has been used often for storing things that will be dispensed quickly and needs bulk storage that will not fit into your premises. The following six pros and cons of temporary storage will help you decide on which options are best situated for the kind of business you are operating.

Amongst the pros include:

Lesser Initial Capital Costs

Due to the substantial initial capital required to invest in setting up a permanent building structure with storage space, it might be a good idea to start by using temporary storage for your business items. You will be able to lower the costs which will be incurred through overheads involved in traditional building and construction. Besides, you will be directly paying for the space available and, maybe, the security charges involved.

Ability to Scale

One of the advantages of using temporary storage is the ability to scale. The space can expand or reduce space being used depending on the quantity of stock you possess. You will not be able to easily expand your permanent storage when your stock increases unless you acquire another storage unit or rent extra space. However, with temporary storage, you can hire space according to the quantity of stock in your business and adjust your requirements over time. This also enables you to bargain on the costs of storage over time. 

Easy Access

Temporary storage offers easy access to your business’s products,at  particular locations within a given time. Your business may be located at a different locality from where the need for your products is. Therefore, having temporary storage in different locations allows customers easy access to your products and lowers the costs involved in transportation. Your clients must get access to your products and services within their locality to enhance customer loyalty and trust. 

Cushion from disasters

Having temporary storage away from your main business premises can also act as a mitigation against disasters from potential risks to your business and your stock. In cases of incidents such as theft or fire, your products are stored safely away from your premises. Some of the major disasters that could befall your business also include; floods and earthquakes. You stand to benefit if your storage offsite elsewhere.

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It Allows Good Organization and Hands-Off Approach to Management

Having temporary storage allows your business to organize its spaces efficiently and priorities the different functions in the business. You can have a larger working space on your premises with specific functions since the storage is at another location with different management. It also allows a hands-off approach to the management of storage, allowing you time and space to handle other business issues.

Some of the cons of temporary storage include;

Lifetime costs

Compared to your permanent storage, temporary storage has an ongoing cost that can be expensive in the long term. Similar to the initial costs of purchasing a vehicle and the long-term costs incurred in its maintenance; temporary storage runs the risks of increasing storage fees and overhead costs needed for its maintenance. All this means it can eventually prove to be more expensive to run a storage unit for your business.


When you decide to use temporary storage units for your business, be ready for the security challenges. As opposed to a single central storage unit, temporary storage poses a challenge in terms of investing in cameras, locks and high-tech security features. The fact that the storage out of sight means it also requires constant monitoring.

Identifying the Right Storage Unit with Qualified Services

Another challenge is finding the right staff or a temporary storage unit with a good track record to handle your storage. A poorly managed storage unit can cost you more than you expected or even lead to losses. Any negligence on the part of the caretaker can lead to theft, fire or even accidents. The best storage units for your business can be from friends’ referrals or a well-proven track record over the years.  


Despite having some challenges and disadvantages, temporary storage can prove very helpful and efficient for most businesses starting out. There is little capital cost to invest in constructing a storage unit. Whichever the case, we can conclude that; temporary storages are part and parcel of any business enterprise that requires a business storage space.




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