I was always fascinated by nature and its timeless beauty. So, even today, whenever I have time, I steal some precious moments out of my busy schedule to reconnect with it and enjoy a slice of solace in its lap.

On my seventh birthday, my dad gifted me an atlas. While flipping through the pages, I had already decided that if I would ever get an opportunity to travel the world, I will visit Costa Rica. And, as fate had it, the opportunity finally came.I planned my journey to Costa Rica by Alaska Airlines Reservations.

Alaska Airlines Reservations Process

Alaska Airlines Reservations were offering 30% discounts on total ticket fare, which made my journey quite affordable. The booking process was simple, travel agents were polite, and we wrapped up the booking in a very short time.

On the day of the booking, I completed the check-in process through the dedicated check-in window. The in-flight services were just awesome and can’t be interpreted in words. We got the meals on time, a blanket and a 10.1-inch tablet loaded with thousands of movies for entertainment. I am very happy with the services offered by the airline. I booked a return ticket on the same flight by calling in Alaska Airlines Reservations number+1-855-635-3039.

I was so excited when I came to know that my Granny is also living in Costa Rica. After landing on the land of memories, my granny holds my hands and hugs me tightly. I was in tears, she was simply amazing. We reached home and I took a bath, grabbed some snacks and completed my nap. The next morning, we started our tour of Costa Rica. The first destination in our list was Manuel Antonio National Park.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is home to rugged rainforests, white beaches, coral reefs, and thousands of animals, bird, and insect species.

I visited the beach, prepared a sand mosque, and played with its emerald water. This park begins to mesmerize you with all the birds and their enchanting songs amid breezy wind. The memories I created gathered in Manuel Antonio National Park is just incredible.

Monteverde and the Cloud Forests

My next spot was Monteverde and the Cloud Forests. It is the heart of the ecosystem of Costa Rica. The whole forest is covered by the shadows of the clouds and the picturesque sights of the climbing jaguars, dancing mammals, etc.

The tradition of Monteverde and the Cloud Forests will upgrade your experience. I spent my evening lying on the coast and counted the billions of stars. My first day in Costa Rica spent well with my own world of imagination.

Mal Pais and Santa Teresa

Our journey stops at Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. Both places are famous for supporting the country’s ecosystem. Mal Pais is located in the coastal area of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is an area where you would love to stay and experience the rush of waves as they go past you. Santa Teresa is popular for fishing, it is 93 miles away from the capital city of San Jose. I tasted the Tuna fish and toured the agricultural field of Santa Teresa also.

The National Theater 

Built in the year 1897, the National Theater is the pride of Costa Ricans. It is located in San Jose. The interior of The National Theater is incredible. The stones used to make this piece of art by thousands of local artists reflect the culture of Costa Rica. All the paintings adorning the walls of the theater are masterpieces. The theatre is a three-story building consisting of 1000+ chairs for guests.

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

Our caravan stops at the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. This Pre-Columbian Gold Museum is located in the heart of San Jose. The museum displayed the vintage stamps, coins of Costa Rica, and more.

On that note, my journey of beautiful Costa Rica got over and I am now setting off to my home with lots of fond memories and experience.

My experience with Alaska Airlines Reservations has been really great. I will recommend everyone to book tickets via contactforsupport.com. Thank you for helping me live my dream in my budget.

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