The PMI® has identified 40 systems or methodology to manage the projects which are used by Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Grand Brain. These are the frameworks and methodologies used in to manage a project.  In addition are 35 techniques to help the managers in planning, deploying and controlling a project. As outlined on a PRINCE2 Course manchester training.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) was developed to define and manage concepts, processes and methods which improve the effectiveness, efficiency and viability of projects.  The PMBOK® is a set of best practices designed for project managers to use as they plan, initiate and manage the various phases of a project.

Examples of typical applications include Financial Accounting (which assists in budgeting), Human Resource Management (human resource management and information technology) they work together to succeed on major projects.  PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge can also be used on a “need by” basis, so that individuals outside an organization can apply for PMI credentials.

Project management means managing people, resources and time, using appropriate reporting, analysis and decision making.

Project wraps can comprise an entire organization, or multiple locations within it. The pods of these types of projects are often surface level programs that still require overall project management to execute the project effectively.

The most common example that, I would like to share will be the implementation of Business Process Management (BPM) Software’s and also the Implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS) application’s which provides a tailor made solution for automating key business processes.

Many businesses have increased their effectiveness with a PMP as the people that fill the roles must be those who have experience with project management.  MSP can be trained. In this couldn’t it make sense to consider a PMP® certification program?  Additionally it would make sense to add PMI® to your resume.

PMI projects are typically administered in three stages, called RUP (Research, Planning and Implementation), RUPP (Research, Procurement and Project Management) and RUPP2 (Control Planning, Develop, End Planning and Review)

RUP (Research, Planning and Implementation) – this stage is composed of the following activities:

  • Complexity Target Identification: Sometime may be dedicated to describe the complexity of the software, using negotiation, estimates, references, marketing and IEEE work may include Cab tongue form compared to best of the industry (BOU) charts.
  • Solution Definition: Although most things are understood by a car, still it is not a solution to full work.
  • Solution Synthesization (churches use this methodology everyday): As a church takes lessons from the car, it is important to use it regularly and correctly.
  • Useful Input: Once it is determined that a solution is possible; it must be set up and as quickly as possible. The sooner you execute it, the higher your success rate.
  • Application and Operation faulty assumption: An assumption is a belief saying “this seems to work, if I do it this way I will get this result and the same time.” If you believe this is right, you will not fail.
  • Risk Reward: Uncertainty is a moody component that does not permit to succeed a risk. So risk can be quantified. Compensation may be paid to the riskier. Assured risk lets you to feel the rewards of risk.
  • Approach Select an approach: Often times an internal prevented as they want features, which in truth never will. Same with an Engineering bug occurred; fixing the same feature will not guarantee results.
  • Plan (Project): In this process you are aiming to reach some goal. Plan is one of the most important steps.
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Understanding The Basics of PRINCE2 Project Management

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